The Roadturn Reboot – Is Juicing Healthy?

Do you ever juice?

Some say juicing is healthy. Some say juicing will make you gain weight, and the sugar will damage your teeth.

Here’s what I know: The last couple of days, I’ve prepared a vegetable juice that reeks of vitamins and health. I threw in kale, spinach, carrots, celery, tomatoes, beets, squash, and cayenne pepper (because that’s what I have on hand), blend it in the Vitamix, and sipped on it all day long.

Good stuff.

Juicing is like anything else we like to fight over: much of the effect depends on how you use it. Too many calories and too much sugar will cause you to gain weight, not matter how you choose to eat or drink them.

Your body needs the nutrients good foods provide. Juicing gives you a mega-dose, done properly.

I stopped by Whole Foods tonight (I’ll take organic over pesticide-laden any day) and picked up some more of the basics. I’m especially interested in some of the drinks I saw on the menu at Mother’s Cafe.

Here’s a screenshot. I’m pretty sure the “hot of cold” idea is a typographical error. If you try to make something hot of cold, I’m pretty sure the pursuit would make you whoppy…

Juice ingredients

Menu from Mother’s Cafe –

Yeah, buddy. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s concoction!

Reboot Logbook Day #28

I’m sticking with my diet plan, getting a fair amount of exercise, keeping a positive attitude (for the most part), and doing The DEEP daily. You bet I can improve, and I hope to do that as this reboot proceeds.

Right now, though, I’m grateful for the past 28 days. Like the old saying goes: I’m not yet what I want to be, but I’m sure better off than I was.

Body – 3: I enjoyed some excellent juice today, avoided temptation from foods not on my approved list, and got a little exercise. A good day.

Mind – 3: I read some, thought some, and kept my emotions fairly well intact and at an adult level. I enjoyed good conversation and worked towards resolution of a couple of situations that could have gone south.

Spirit – 3: I began with The DEEP and wrapped up with watching a film on Biblical history (from the Ray Vander Laan series). In the middle, I turned to God in prayer… more formal than one-one-one, but I remembered who’s in charge.

All told… a good day. Thank you, Lord.


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