Roadturn Principles

A goal of my work has been to make my writing and speaking as simple and straightforward as possible. Like the ancient ones seeking to find that smallest piece of indivisible matter, I want to get right down to the core of how one can experience turnaround and change directions.

Principles, it seems, are the distillation of thoughts. I don’t believe they are the core… but they are close. The first principle in The Dream Into It Program (The DIIP… pronounced “The Deep”) is this:

To get off to the best start, you must first… stop. To gain the most ground quickly… stay still and listen.

The DIIP begins by letting go of all present concerns (and the DIIP provides a place for you to lodge those concerns.) The first step is to stop, relax, and get connected.

Expect something great to happen. Know that you are blessed and favored.

I’m not talking about hokey pokey here, but about a proven method for turning your life around. Try it and see.

Slow down, unload your burdens, stop… and listen.
Breathe. Smile. Relax.

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