The Roadturn Reboot – Constant Hunger

A rough day today.

One of the reasons my gut has overgrown its natural boundaries is that I’m constantly hungry.

So I munch, munch, munch… and I seldom feel full.

When I stuff myself completely, I’m miserable.

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Getting a Grip on My Diet

For the past month or more, I’ve been recording my weight, body fat, and a few other measurements every Sunday morning. That’s one reason for starting this reboot. I’m not seeing the results I want to see.

One thing I’m doing differently is tracking calories. It’s an eye-opener. Calorie counting has put me in touch with my food intake in a big, big way.

I don’t get micro-concerned about it. I simply log my meals into an app. There are plenty to choose from, but I like MyFitnessPal best.

Why count calories? 

  • By tracking my total daily calories, I have a way of objectively determining whether or not I’m eating too much. My ambition is to lose 2 lbs per week or more. My daily caloric goal is 1,500.
  • There are other factors, but the nitty gritty is that you must keep calorie count down in order to lose weight. The types of foods you eat certainly matter, but calories are the kicker.
  • Counting calories helps me understand which foods are high in calories and which aren’t. That knowledge helps keep me in touch with my eating habits and how they affect the spare tire I’m carrying around.

Today has been a decent day, but tonight (Friday) has me wanting to order a pizza and get some soft drinks. Having tracked my calories today, I know I don’t have room for that. Pizza and pop will push me over my daily limit.

I want to see positive results at my weigh-in on Sunday, though, and that’s helping me stay on track. Two essential components of success are deciding where you’re headed and staying on track to get there.

Reboot Logbook Day #2

Mind – 3: I listened to an hour-long teaching by one of my favorite philosophers, took time to sit on the deck and feel the sunshine for a bit, and put effort into staying awake and aware.

Body – 2: Decent diet and a little bit of kettlebell work. I’ve yet to take a walk, but plan to before nightfall. I could definitely do better.

Spirit – 2: I did The DEEP first thing this morning, but I’ve not taken time for prayer and meditation. I know by experience that those are the two most powerful actions I can ever take.

Maybe I’m dinging myself to severely today, but those are the numbers as I see them right now.

How about you?

Good day? Backsliding day?

Let’s keep on plugging.

Never give up.


Info on the scoring system I’m using and what this is all about may be found here: DAY #1.

To get going with your own reboot, start by listening to this mp3 training: The DEEP.

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