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Inspecting the props

The Truth About the Workplace

Your business just turned two years old, and you are holding a party to celebrate. Beginning with just five employees, you now have triple that many. Tonight, you are asking yourself one question: How can I hire more people like the 10% or so who are working hard to help this company grow, engage the ones who are lukewarm, and get rid of the rest? Does that sound a little ... [Continue Reading]

roadturn principles

The Road Not Taken

The name for this website was inspired by Walt Whitman's poem, "The Road Not Taken." Choices in my own life took me to a place where I was unsure of my next step. I had resigned from a position many folks aspire to. It was "secure" and paid exceptionally well. So, I quit. I finished a long-delayed bachelor's degree, then went on to complete a master's. I had long known I ... [Continue Reading]

A professional chef

The Difference Between a Chef and a Cook

ATMOSPHERE, presentation, service, location … all add to the pleasure of dining out. When everything BUT the food is superb, though, it’s like hearing a beautiful lady spout obscenity. It just doesn't gel. Without magic in the kitchen, the waitstaff may as well go home. I’ve been thinking about Chefs and how one becomes a Chef. Maybe it's the plethora of cooking shows on ... [Continue Reading]

sweater made in China

Proud to be Made in the USA

In the 1960's, many products were still made in the USA. I remember, as a kid, looking at toys and quickly discarding anything that said "Made in Japan." At the time, that phrase was a synonym for shoddy merchandise. The Japanese were smart, though -- and industrious. Just a couple of decades later, Japanese electronics were elevated to superstar status. Then along came ... [Continue Reading]

CC photo by Lisa Bunchofpants

An Earth Day Idea: Bring Nature Indoors

It is an Earth Day activity that will pay off all year long: build your own terrarium. The project is relatively inexpensive, doesn’t take much time, and is a family-bonding activity anyone can enjoy. Moreover, when you bring a piece of nature inside your home or office, your living environment is positively affected. A small terrarium can significantly add to the mood of any ... [Continue Reading]

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