The Roadturn Reboot – How Long?

How long will I keep posting my daily reboot logbook online? I'm glad you asked... but I don't know. It's become something I feel obligated to do. I know there's someone (maybe you) who needs to hear something I've done or been or said. I know … [Continue reading]

The Roadturn Reboot – Do You Know Any Gluttons?

Do you ever eat like a glutton? Do you sometimes find yourself stuffing food in your mouth like you're starving... but you've not missed a meal in years? Here's what happens with me: I can do fine all day or all week, then decide to let up a … [Continue reading]

The Roadturn Reboot – Deep Fat, Visceral Fat

The most dangerous fat you carry is not visible. It's not the fat hanging from your midsection, and it's not the fat sagging from your backside. The worst fat is wrapped around your organs. It's known as "deep fat" or "visceral fat," and … [Continue reading]