Say this and succeed

An excerpt from Dream Into It: The Roadmap to Freedom.

Have you read books or attended seminars that got you pumped up, but then dropped you flat? We are going to end all of that right here.

Thoreau insists that you “will meet” with success. Not that you “can meet” or “may meet”, but will meet. I’m here to tell you that you can, you may, and—if you give this program an honest try—you will meet with success unexpected in common hours.

Just ask yourself this one question: Am I ready to do whatever I need to do so that I can live the life of my dreams?

If you are ready, then let’s make the first move in that direction. There is no sense in wasting one more minute, is there? Stop, now, to look inside… deep inside… and make this commitment to and for yourself…

I will do this. I will fight for my Dream, and I won’t give up.

By the way… do you hear the resistance of an inner voice—a familiar voice that wants to drag you backwards? It may laugh and say that you have always failed before and there is no chance for you now. It may tell you that the DIIP is just another foolish attempt towards getting out of the rut… one that will end up just like all the rest—a waste of time.

Don’t be surprised. It is normal to experience an inner struggle. Do you hear that voice? It has been holding you back for a long, long time. Not long from now, you will learn how to win the battle against self-criticism and doubt. In the meantime, consider the following possibility…

The voice that is challenging you does not know everything. It may be accurate about the past, but it cannot predict the future. You are capable of much, much more than you, or anyone else, currently imagines.

Keep reading. Keep thinking. Keep trying. Don’t quit. You are worth the fight.

Say it again and again, until you believe it with everything you’ve got:

I will do this. I will fight for my Dream, and I won’t give up.

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