Rabbi Kaduri, Ariel Sharon and Jesus (Yeshua)

In the “very interesting” category comes this prophecy by the famous Jewish Rabbi, Yitzchak Kaduri.

It is said that the Lubavitcher Rebbe predicted that Rabbi Kaduri would bear witness to the coming of the Messiah. That got my attention, because quotes from the Lubavitcher Rebbe (Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson) comprise one of my favorite books, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth: 365 Meditations of the Rebbe.

During his final years on Earth, Rabbi Kaduri’s thoughts were centered on the coming of the One who would redeem Israel. The Rabbi passed on in January of 2006.

Rabbi Kaduri’s Prophecy

Photo of Rabbi KaduriBefore his death, though, he wrote down two hints about the Messiah (Mashiach). First, that Messiah would appear after the death of Ariel Sharon. Next, that the Messiah’s name is Yehoshua, Yeshua, Yahusha … you got it, the one that most English speaking moderns call Jesus.

Very interesting … AND 2006 is the same year Ariel Sharon was declared to be incapacitated: serious medical problems began in January, the very month Rabbi Kaduri died.

News Flash, January 28, 2013: An MRI brain scan has shown “significant brain activity” in Ariel Sharon. His medical crisis has now lasted for seven years. Is his condition about ready to change?

News Flash, January 1, 2014: Reports now say, Ariel Sharon is suffering kidney damage, and his condition has worsened.

News Flash, January 11, 2014: Ariel Sharon has passed from this world.

Could Rabbi Kaduri’s Prophecy be True?

Yes, there is big controversy over this–many claiming that it is all an invention of Christians, and others saying it is a sign that the end of the world as we know it is imminent.

Any way you cut it… the entire situation is both strange and interesting. I need to research more, before I can comment, but didn’t want to hold back on sharing the video below. By the way, I know nothing about the folks who are behind this film, but I do appreciate their making it available.

I’ll close with a snippet of this followup, from the Israel Today website…

Israel Today was given access to many of the rabbi’s manuscripts, written in his own hand for the exclusive use of his students. Most striking were the cross-like symbols painted by Kaduri all over the pages. In the Jewish tradition, one does not use crosses. In fact, even the use of a plus sign is discouraged because it might be mistaken for a cross.

But there they were, scribbled in the rabbi’s own hand. When we asked what those symbols meant, Rabbi David Kaduri said they were “signs of the angel.” Pressed further about the meaning of the “signs of the angel,” he said he had no idea. Rabbi David Kaduri went on to explain that only his father had had a spiritual relationship with God and had met the Messiah in his dreams …

Addendum: Thank you to Sarah for these two links — interviews with students of the Rabbi. I cannot vouch for the ministry, nor the authenticity of the films … but they sure look interesting. Thank you, Sarah!

Kaduri student saved
Kaduri student tabernacles

Update, January 11, 2014: Ariel Sharon is dead.

Shabbat Shalom


  1. John 5,43
    I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.

    • The Jeswish Messiah has always revealed Himself to each individual, wanting that no one to perish, He knocks softly at there heart’s door; but it is up to the individual to open the door and allow Him to come 5; and this is directly proportional to the level of faith that that individual has. Each individual will accept or deny that it is HE who is revealing Himself to them; And this in order that they may come to a repenting attitude and open the door of there hearts, when He is knocking like a true gentleman. We don’t know if Rabbi Kaduri opened his heart’s door during his vision of the Messiah’s visitation–he might have hessitated because of his important possition and because of traditions, and may have missed his chance; that which others like Nicodemus or Saul of Taursus did not hessitate but understood and proceeded forward placing their faith in HIM. We will one day know what Rabbi Kaduri decided, but the evidence so far is sketchy and not overwhelming that he truly opened his heart’s door, or else their would have been a much bigger bang, and his burial might not have been honored by so many. What about you friend? Are you willing to openly proclaim him or will you just consider Him and do nothing about it? -Cloudman.

  2. http://koti.phnet.fi/petripaavola/YeshuapromisedMessiah.html

    This article has been written very interesting way of the Messiah according to the text of the old covenant.

  3. Look for Yehoshua or Yeshua or JOSHU YAX

  4. Dom Nieves says:

    Bless is the name of the LORD!!!! for the Prophet Isaiah spoke of “Yehoshua” Chapter 7,and Chpt. 53. King David spoke of the Messiah Yeshua in psalm 22. Zechariah Chpt.12, Moses spoke of the Prophet like him to come in Deut.18. And for; Rabbi’s Yitzhak Kaduri,and Rabbi Haim Kneiveskzy for bless is he who comes in the name of the LORD!!!!!! for it’s by faith and not by sight that one is saved. for the forfather “Abraham” laid the example for what ” All-Mighty G-D” was to provide 4 once and 4 all, Amen & Amen !!!!

  5. my jewish people i wait for you, come to me, come to us, be new jews in name of christ, christians, amen

  6. Jose Ortiz says:

    I just don’t get my big brothers from the Yahudah tribe? A revered man, loved by thousands (even orthodox Yahudim) and he said that the Messiah that was coming to SAVE Israel in the latter days had appeared to him and showed him his name and other signs and messages and this is blasphemy or a lie? Come on my big brothers!! I used to hate the Christian Jesus, and stopped praying or speaking to god altogether due to the hipocracy of the Christian church and its leaders, but after reading that Jesus was a Jew and finding out BY MYSELF that Yeshua or Yahshua UPHELD Torah, taught from the TaNaK and spoke highly of the old prophets, etc..I (once again) became enthused with the scriptures and its teachings..It is Paul and his followers who were used as an excuse to betray the real message of Yeshua to uphold Torah and do its good deeds. I have decided to do the living words and NOT disregard the Torah for man made traditions. I despise man made traditions for it is written: “Cursed is he that has faith in men” SHALOM..

  7. Note to Jonathan: I appreciate your taking time to comment, but the policy of this blog is to not approve comments that are mean-spirited. On Roadturn, we seek mutual encouragement. Certainly, there is room for disagreement–but not for name calling and venom. Read the post again. I didn’t make the film, but I do find it interesting. I don’t have enough information about the Rabbi to know whether the claims are true or not. I am a Christian–a believer in Jesus as the Messiah–but I became one as the result of a personal calling, not because of this video. I only recently heard of Rabbi Kaduri. Shalom.

  8. Violaine Suhubiette says:

    Jesus has told us in the New Testament not to believe anyone who says: I saw Him or I am Jesus. He said that He would come with all His glory at the end and divide people, the bad and the good separately.

  9. God is in us. Wake up.
    Whatever religion you are.
    We are all one.
    We are all one family.

    Cant read anymore all this lies from religion organisations…..with the target to have the only truth!


    Bless you and wish all souls with or without body health, peace and freedom.

    • serdlc64 says:

      Only when we are in Yeshua are we one. Unsaved people, no matter how wonderful and loving they are, well, their father is the devil. There are not to be all these denominations among believers. That is where the oneness comes in. Yeshua taught and followed Torah. That is how His followers are supposed to live. He did not change eating laws or the sabbath to whatever we want to do it. Im sorry but we all do not have the same father and we are not all one……only in Him are we.

      • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

        To those brothers in Mashiach, please review Matt. 19.17, John 14.15, and Rev. 12.17. These are all in the words of Yeshuah ha-Mashiach, Adonai Eloheinu.

  10. I don’t understand why Christians are jumping for joy. Yehoshua is not an exclusive name, especially not to point to Jesus. Yehoshua was a common name, & Yeshua of Nazareth was never called Yehoshua. Yeshua is a shorter variation of the name Yehoshua. Yeshua was never called Yehoshua just as Yehoshua son of Nun was never called Yeshua. On top of this, does any Christian read the other things Rabbi Kaduri said of this Mashiach? That the Mashiach is alive & in Israel. So in no way is the person that Rabbi Kaduri is referring to is Jesus. Plus, do Christians think any observant Jew would hold the same concept of Mashiach as their Christ? No!

    • As a Christian,I have been grafted into the family of God thru my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.The Jesus Rabbi Kaduri is talking about is found in the New Testament,as well as the Old Testament(Torah). There are many Messianic Jewish teachers who have come to realize this.The followers of Jesus were Jewish as well as Jesus and they taught about the Torah and the importance of the feast days.They refer to the prophets of the Torah on many occasions in the New Testament. Studying the Bible thru the eyes of the Jewish teachers has helped me gain more insight into the teachings of the Bible.

  11. Dear true believers , it matters not when MESSIAH is coming what matters are we READY ?
    Math . .25: , Says only the wise virgins will be ready when the groom comes for HIS bride ; and that ” ALL” the virgins are sleeping , and not just the foolish . John 3:3 Says one MUST be BORN AGAIN , John 3:8 says “EVERYONE ” who is born again can do what Philip did in
    Acts 8:38 also Isa. 41:3 . What Christians are ” calling ” Born Again (speaking in tongues ) is not scripturally born again , ( THIS IS WHAT BORN AGAIN ACTUALLY IS 1 John 3:9 &
    1 John 5:18 ) JUST what MESIAH taught . GO and sin no more , and Be You perfect as your Father in Heaven is PERFECT .
    No excuses 1 Tim . 2:5 , John 17:19 , Rom . 3:25 , God cannot be tempted with evil James 1:13 ,and YAHOSHUA was . The message from Gen. 4:26 to Rev. 3:8 ; John 17:6 &:12 & :26 has always been about the HOLY NAME Psa. 68:4 . John 3:12 & :13 says this new birth MUST be done in this life span or not at all . YAH will NOT give His glory to another name Isa .48 :11 , Isa . 43 :7
    which is our calling Col . 1: 27 & Eph .3:19 & Eph .4;13 & Rom. 8: 29 Those coming up in first resurrection will not be bride of Messiah says Math . 22:30 . How do we awake to be a wise virgin ? John 14 :17 and Acts 1: tells us what we MUST DO , ” if ” we have eyes to see . All the parables speak of this PEARL OF GREAT PRICE and how , and what we must do to receive it . It CANNOT be bought with money , Math .25: says we must by and sell to receive the baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT : by what I have shared with you , it is clear this is with the love for truth which is Psa. 119:151 so says 1John 3:4 and TIME AND EFFORT ,the hundred and twenty disciples prayed continually for ten days ,and received it . Matt Sorger sought yah for one hour per day standing with up stretched arms and received this after four months . He wrote a book called POWER FOR LIFE . 1 Peter 3:21 says it is THIS BAPTISM THAT saves us , that births us again !!!! If you find scripture confusing there is a good reason for this Rom.2:13 explains .

    Sincerely ,cc

    Just incase a novice to the scriptures is reading this , Math. 25 : 5 All the virgins are the body of Messiah asleep .
    All have oil an earnest ( like a downpayment ) of Holy Spirit says 2 Cor. 1: 22 John 14 :17 with but not in them .
    All have a Bible lamp says Psa .119: 105 Yah `s word is a lamp unto our feet
    You see scripture MUST interpret scripture or it is not correct . Isa .28:10 -: 13 & 2 Peter 1:20
    All have vessels their body flesh . compare 1 Thes . 5:23 with Acts 8 ;11 & :23 . and they must be filled with oil . Heb. 12: 13 without Holiness we will NOT see Yah , as Messiah Yahoshua saw Yah IN HIM John 14:10 ,John 17 : 22 -:23 US TOO the SAME!!!!! Holiness comes from Holy Spirit .

  12. Antonym of Me says:

    Amen and Amen.
    The Lord bless your life and ministry.

  13. Is it a coincidence that Yeshua is revealed by Rabbi Yitzchek Kaduri and a year later I take a picture in Phoenix Arizona where Yeshua Hamashiak, Jesus the Messiah, also reveals in the clouds that He is also the Father, and that His signature is The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob? Check out my website and this very important confirmation of His Word at “www.CloudsGodsMural.com” ; this is no hoax, so help me God.

  14. This is very interesting. It does say (In Joel I think) “In the last days young man shall have visions and old men shall dream dreams.” I can read a little hebrew (printing) and I am not quite sure how the english transliteration spelled out Yehoshua, though it seems reasonable to believe it. As someone pointed out earlier, Yehosua is not an unusual name.

    Still it is interesting and something I will look into. I can certainly see his sons reluctance to believe it. If the Messiah to come has been here in the person of Yeshua, he would have had to comprehend something that has been misunderstood for over 2000 years -and I don’t know how he would begin to communicate it.

    I note that many Christians have posted here. His comprehension and the Jewish comprehension of “Messiah” is much different than yours. Messiah does not translate into ‘Christ’ or divinity or even provider as a sacrifice for individual salvation. It means annointed one, and in this case a very special annointed one.

    He would be bringing Jews to repentance as well as a leader of those who were allready living a Godly life. The same as Jesus was when he walked the earth. His mission was to bring back the lost sheep of the house of Israel, free Israel from they tyrany of Rome, and ultimately bring in righeousness and genuine peace and Holiness and health to all mankind. He would be a Messiah and (what Rome murdered him for) a King. He will bring about the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Kingdom of God, here- on earth.

    I think It is as difficult for Christians to understand the role of the Messiah in Judaism as it is for Torah observant Jews to consider the possibility that when the Messiah comes, it could actually be Yeshua, the real Yeshua. The original followers were an accepted part of the Jewish community.

    But that was 2000 years ago, 2 millenia of many of his supposed followers distorting him and his message and persecuting his people so that Jesus was synonomous with those who hated Jews. – how could he be the Messiah.

    Anyway, I’m glad you posted this – I will look into it.

    • Roadturn says:

      Thank you, Browndog.

      A couple of observations:

      1. Isn’t “Christ” the Greek rendition of “Messiah” … both meaning, “The Annointed One”?

      2. Isn’t the concept of Messiah pretty straightforward–“The Deliverer”? Moses and even Cyrus, King of Persia, were “messiahs.”

      It seems to me the situation is fairly simple: The Jews in the time of Jesus wanted deliverance NOW (at least those who weren’t members of the ruling elite did). Since Jesus did not come down from the cross and wipe out the Romans, they completely dismissed him as Messiah. It was only those who saw him defeat the biggest enemy of all–death–who first believed.

      When Jesus comes again in glory, all will understand. For now, he is revealed only to those whom the Father chooses–and perhaps one of those individuals was Rabbi Kaduri.

      Surely, it is all a great mystery–but a fascinating mystery. It leads me to wonder how Jews and Christians agree (or don’t agree) on the Holy Spirit–the Ruach Hakodesh.

    • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

      Shalom Group,

      To both Browndog and Roadturn. Much is correct in what you both have been taught, sought out, and stated here. One note regarding the meaning of Christos (the Greek) and Mashiach (Yehudim). Christos (or if you will, Christ) does in fact mean “anointed one”. As for Mashiach, it has been said that Mashiach is, likewise, the “anointed one”. One caveat here. Throughout the TaNaCH, in probably 99%, the translation of Mashiach is “saviour” NOT the “anointed one”. When translated directly from the Hebrew, it is translated directly to the word “Saviour”. If you also read Yeshaya 7, and 53, Tehillim 22, and other scriptural locations, there is no doubt that the Man referred to, is Yeshuah, the Nazarit and of Bet-lechem (house of bread and peace). Again, As for Jim’s two statements below, No they are not the same – Mashiach and Christ. The Greek has no other meaning than the “anointed one”. As I stated above, using my copy of the Stone Edition and the Jewish Publication Society edition of the Tanach, the most widely used definition, as used by the Jewish writers, means only one thing – Saviour, not the Anointed. Hebrew has many a nuance to its language. In this case it is Saviour NOT, and I repeat NOT the “anointed one.”

      AND as it is written, both by MD, above, and the Brit Chadashah, He and the Father ARE One. The members of the Council of Nicea, fought with each other for eight years trying to figure out the deity of ha-Mashiach. THEY came to the assumption (wrongly so) that He was the Son of G-d. In fact when you read Yeshaya, Chapter 43 and 45, you see where the G-d of Yisrael, says, “I and I alone am G-d, there is no other.” He also tells Yeshaya, that He is the Saviour of Yisrael, and He will not share His glory with another. With those declarations, it can only be said of Yeshuah, that His claim of messiahship means that He and He alone is G-d Almighty – Elyon. That word from His mouth proclaims such and as a believer, one cannot and dare not dispute His claim, as He is G-d incarnate, AND the Saviour – ha-Mashiach.

      As a side thought, the majority of Christendom states that they are saved by grace ALONE. James, the brother of Yeshuah states that, “You show me your Faith/Grace, and I will show you my works. For Faith/Grace without works is dead. In three locations, Mashiach states, if you want life (eternal), (Mattityahu 19.17), or, if you “love” Him (Yochanan 14.15), He commands us to follow His commands, and last but by no means least, Hitgaluyot (Revelations) 12.17 (Rev. plural, as they were plural as given to Yochanan), believers who suffer the tribulation, also will KEEP the Torah.

      As for MD’s statement that there has never been a true Christian participating in the Crusades, the Pogroms, the Holocaust, or any other persecution. He is quite mistaken. They were true Christians, but “they knew not what they were doing”. Best example is Saul of Tarsus. He was a true believer in the TaNaCH and the Torah; yet, he persecuted those of the Way, until Yeshuah stopped him on the Kings Highway (the road to Damascus); not a good example – okay. Let’s use the Crusaders. They went to war with the Muslim and as a side note, slaughtered many Yehudim at the behest of the Church of Rome and the Pope. Still not convinced? Then let us take the ordinary German of WWII. It did not take too much persuasion to follow the Nazi Party, its initial declaration of racial purity and as the Church taught, “Christ Killers.” They were good church going Lutherans for the most part. They turned in a lot of Jews for the showers and the ovens – few still deny ha-Shoa (Holocaust) to this day – and, until they smelled and felt the greasy ash, they still denied any wrong doing. I need not go any further. To deny that they were true Christians is ignorance. They all believed they were doing the right thing, following ha-Mashiach, denying that He was a Jew Himself. YET, when all was said and done, the majority of the latter Christians will deny they have done anything wrong. It was THE sign of the time.

      My summary:
      1. He is not the Son of G-d; He IS G-d incarnate.
      2. He too, is ha-Mashiach, the Saviour.
      3. He asked us to obey the commandments (Mat. 19.17; Yoch. 14.15, and Hitg. 12.17). They were never abrogated by His Crucifiction and resurrection, except for those laws pertaining to the sacrifices of animals. In the writings of Saul of Tarsus, can be found the intent to say that the entire Torah was fulfilled, as is taught by the Christian community as a whole. Just watch John Hagee, Creflo Dollar, or Joyce Meyer – all teachers of grace and against the Torah. Yeshuah stated that none of the Torah would be done away with until the Earth and the heavens were done away with. Any who teach that the Torah is no longer to be followed/obeyed, is not a believer in the Gospels NOR Yeshuah ha-Mashiach; and, will be called the “least in the kingdom.”

      Another couple of tidbits for discussion – only the writings of Saul, Marcus and Lucas, were written originally in Greek. All the other Books and Letters were written in the vernacular of the Apostles home territories – Hebrew, for the more learned of the “Twelve”. The others spoke and wrote in the language of Samaria. They spoke in tongues (true tongues) when in countries of a foreign tongue through ha-Ruach.

      As for another tidbit, a brash statement – Saul/Paul was never an Apostle, he was a disciple. If that were not true, then he would have been mentioned in the Hitgaluyot as such. As it were, the “Twelve” are mentioned and given assignments by Adonai at the end of the Tribulation – he was not. If he was not anathema, why was there no mention of him at all, let alone as an apostle in the Hitgaluyot?

      The last tidbit – Yeshuah did not establish a new religion, nor what is called Christianity. Nowhere in any of the words of the Brit Chadashah, did Yeshuah say I give you a new religion. A new law, yes. Christianity as we know it was established by Saul as Paul and his followers. If true believers were to follow the words of Yeshuah, they would take on the faith of our Fathers, Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov, as given by Adonai at Sinai to Moishe, followed and ordered by Yeshuah ha-Mashiach. As it stands now, the so-called Christians should be called Paulinists and their faith, Paulianity. My ha-Mashiach said to obey the Torah, the Law of Yeshuah and the Yehudim.

      One last note, yes, to an extent, we will be protected by HaShem during the Tribulation. We, too, will live through the Tribulation. Many believe in Pre-Trib Rapture. A fairy tale sold as pie in the sky deliverance. Using Saul’s/Paul’s own words, the dead in Christ will rise FIRST, then we who are alive after. The key words here are the dead in Christ and, especially the word FIRST (I Thess. 4. 15 thru .18. If you follow this admonition, then you must agree with Hitgaluyot 20.1 thru .6. This passage foretells the Angel throwing the Serpent into the Abyss; THEN, the resurrection of the dead – the FIRST RESURRECTION (v. 5) – after, I repeat, AFTER the Tribulation, not Pre-Tribulation. In these two verses lies the answer to the question of when is the translation (not Rapture).

      As for me and my house, we will follow Adonai. I am a Yehudim and a Talmudim, born under the Torah, saved by the Ten (grace) of Yeshuah ha-Mashiach. I follow the Torah as best I can; and, as He requested. When and where I fail, I know that He will forgive my sin. All I have to do is confess that sin in a sincere prayer of repentance.

      Shalom Aleichem,
      Micah (pronounced Meekuh, not mykuh)

  15. Messiah means “annointed one.” There is nothing devine about the title. The followers of Jesus, those that knew him best, were Jews. There was nothing he said or did that went against Judaism. His followers were practicing Jews, plain and simple. It is even possible that a majority of Israel saw him as their King. But he was never viewed as a divine figure by those who knew him best. Even his resurrection would not be considered evidence of him being God. One thing that didn’t exactly change, but opened the doors wider, is that gentiles could be followers of the Messiah and fully partake in the kingdom without full conversion. Judaism was always universal, in that gentiles could be Righteous God Fearers awithout full conversion. They needed to follow the covenent God made with Noah. If they wanted they could become full Jews. This didn’t change with Jesus, but something unique happened. They were fully accepted as Nazarines , etc, without having to convert. Even though they were believers, this did not close the door to some of them still following the Torah and becoming full Jews if they so desired. That is why James says in Acts “For Moses is still preached….”

    Things changed with Paul, who never even met Jesus, except in ‘dreams & visisons.’ He wrote in greek and used the word “Chirst” and equated it with Messiah. Paul combined mystery religions of a divine saviour (christ) who descends and is sacrificed, along with the gnostic idea of someone bringing a secret message into this world of darkness, an Judiasm.

    There is definitely a difference between Messiah and christ. They are two different concepts..

    • You obviously have not read the New Testament which equates the two. They are one and the same titles in two different languages. That’s basic.

    • The Messiah and Christ are ONE the same…. JESUS IS THE MESSIAH!

    • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

      I disagree with your premise about not having to convert completely. In the Torah, is states that if the foreigner choses to live among us, he must follow the Torah to the last stroke. It does not use the word stroke; but, I am sorry, I cannot quote it directly. fairly sure it is in Devarim.

      • Roadturn says:

        Micah, have you considered the book of Romans in your theology? 🙂

      • Micha, We agree in many of the points that you made, but I still wanted

        to point out a couple of disagreements. One is that Saul of Tarsus was

        not a Christian when he was persecuting the early Christians. At that

        time, he was a Pharisee and a member of the Sanhedrin council. This means

        that he was a Jew persecuting other Jews, Christian Jews, that is. After

        he converted to Christianity, he ceased to persecute all people. // Now

        regarding True Christians: Jesus Christ said in John 10:27: “My sheep

        hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:” When a Christian is

        a True Christian (not just Christian by title), the Lord will provide

        guidance via the written scriptures, and also by speaking directly to

        their heart and conscience. A true Christian will hear the Lord’s voice

        and obey HIM in spite of what is popular, and inspite of what others are

        doing, whether in error or not. We have all read the wonderful stories of

        those brave True Christians, who hid Jews and other fellow Christians, in

        order to helped them escape the wrath of the Nazi exterminators. When

        they were caught, those True Christians also perished with the Jews and

        Christians in the concentration camps; but many perished by firing squads

        or hangings. Unfortunately, many of the “big brand” denominations did not

        do what is right and did not teach their members what was the right thing

        to do. Many of those big denominations do not produce “sheep” which hear

        the Lord’s voice for guidance. But nonetheless, there are True Christians

        in many churches, which are members of the One True Church which the Lord

        will gather unto Himself. There is only ONE True Church, but no

        denomination can claim that only its members are part of that One True

        Church. True Christians hear the voice of the Lord which guides them to

        do good, even when other “Christians” may be doing what is evil. True

        Christians have a close relationship with the Almighty Lord Jesus

        Christ, are filled with the Holy Spirit, and seek the well being of


    • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

      In accordance with the Torah, I think in Devarim, if a foreigner choses to live amongst us, then he too, must obey the tenants of Judaism.

      • Roadturn says:

        What do you make of the “7 Laws of Noah,” Micah? … also, though, where do I talk about an incomplete conversion being fine? That sounds like fence-sitting to me. Please quote. I don’t see it — though I am sure it is entirely possible for me to have spoken in error (again). Only one thing I claim: That I seek Wisdom.

  16. yehoshua means salvation and whoever the real messiah would be it would be apprapro to refer to him as G-ds salvation. There is a detail that the paganised jews who are following doctrines invented by the catholic church and the jew hater martin luther are overlooking. Rabbi Kaduri never said the actual name jesus (haysus in spanish and the horse in Hebrew. as in psalm 33 false is the horse (HEYSUS-JESUS) for salvation. sus the numerical equivalent for the word horse in hebrew is 666 so according to john in the christian book of revelations it would seem that jesus himself is the false messiah anti christ(anti-messiah) most jewish bible scholars identify the suffering servant as Israel but there are those who identify him him as the messiah. Actually I would not be suprised since the meassiah as formulated by the sages is the embodiment of Israel and his job is to redeem them,not cause them more suffering as the almost 2000 year persecution and murder that his followers brought upon the Jewish people. IF the verses in isaiah 53 refer to the messiah they actually prove the opposite of what tyhe christians claim and mabe thats why rabbi Kaduri focused on those verses. If the verses do not fit jesus and they are about the messiah they actually prove he is not the messiah. despised and rejected of men. the most popular religious figure in history where adoring crowds followed his every move was despised and rejected? or israel the most despised nation on earth. his sickneses he bore (he bore the sicknesses or cured the sicknesses. while the latter is ascribed to him where does it say anywhere in the new testament that he had a sickness? and since there are so many sicknesses the indication in the verses would mean that he suffered from a varirty of sicknesses. which one did he bare for us? cancer heartdisease ,diabetes? or mabe the real messiah will identify with his people who were falsely accused of spreading the black plague and just about every other malady that plagued mankind and thats what it means he bore he wiill see his seed prolonged, really li

    ved marry and hasve children. I know his diisciples if you are a christian and want to brelieve invent an answer. Israel despite millenia of persecution murder and martydom sttill live and still see their children learning torah and following in the paths of torah. It is interesting that after identifiyiong je-zeus with the greek name it is suddenly the fashion to call him yeshua or yehoshua Perhaps that is to get them used to the fact that the real; meassiah will be a religious Jew who keeps G-ds commandments and will bring about the long awaited yeshua(salvtion) one more thing. I have a friend whos oldest sons name is yeshua and he middle ones name is eliyahu(elijah). mabe he is the messiah. for more on isaih 53 look up rabbi tuuia singers website He absolutely demolishes the claim that those verses refer to jesus

  17. Zaidyavi, you certainly have some interesting insights. I think it might be helpful to some to make clear the context (or a bit of it at least) of Messiah, Salvation, etc -as it has been understood by Jews. This would include things that Jesus and his disciples believed and practiced. I mention this because I could almost hear a ‘friends of Israel or Jews for Jesus or other Christian Jews saying – yeah but the Jews are wrong. Well, if they believe that, then they have an obvious problem, for their beliefs go against the beliefs of the one they believe in.

    That being said, the concept of all men being damned to the eternal torture of God in hell is foreign to Judaism. An individual saviour to die for mens sins so that they can escape hellfire is ( besides being a bizzare belief and making God far worse than hitler) not needed. Whatever happens in the afterlife, magically going to heaven for believing the right thing or hell for making a mistake is simply not part of Torah, or Judiasm. We dont need a saviour to be tortured for us. We all will face God one day, and though at times there are indications of vicarious suffering, there is no need for God to have the Romans Cruelly crucify a man to save others. Salvation in the fundemantalist Christian sense is not a reality. Salvation and eternal hell fire is not part of Torah, or reality.

    Salvation to the Jew can mean a lot of things. But when it comes to the Messiah it means salvation of Israel and ultimately the nations. The Messiah would rid Israel (at the time of Jesus) of Rome and restore the Kingdom of God -or heaven, on earth. The world would be ultimately saved from evil leaders, evil nations, and there would be an end to war. Repentance and wholeness and health and genuine peace and righeousness would prevail. That is salvation.

    As far as individual soles being saved – there has never been a need for a crucified saviour to save gentiles. God made a covenant with all nations and peoples and the door has always been open.

    Was the real Jesus or Yeshua who walked on the earth 2000 years ago annointed of God to bring about repentence, etc. When the Messiah comes, will it be him? Someone could believe it or not believe it- I’m not sure what it changes.

    For a gentile to believe he is God- well I think that can lead to a valid love of God , and God would accept it. When a Jew has that belief he is making a big mistake. At the same time, many people have turned their lives around thru a misguided faith.

    I think Jews, especially those who love God, to be able to understand the real Jesus who was a Torah obvservant Jew, and guide these people with understanding so that they stop believing falsehood and unintentionally practicing idolitry. There is no man between man and God

  18. The true Christians have never persecuted the Jewish people for we clearly understand the Scriptures that the Messaiah would be offering Himself tss a sacrifice for humanity, and the Prophet Daniel had written that He would be cut down by the Gentiles, in this case the Romans, not the Jews. Anyone who blames the Jews lacks understanding for the Apostle Paul clearly repeated what Jesus had said, that salvation came through the Jews. There are many sects that have deviated from the truth,

  19. …among the Christians and among the Jews. The evil-one was very cunning in watering down Christianity by causing the Romans to absorb the Christianity after the evil-one saw that persecuting the true Christians was not destroying Christianity, but rather spreading the Truth much faster. It was a clever ploy, but the true Christian remmant did not fall for the ploy, and continued with the truth to this day. Jesus said that the door that leads to salvation is very narrow and few enter through it. He also said that He had another flock, besides the Jews, and that one day they He would bring them to Himself as one flock. The days are here and Messaiah is revealing Himself through many means, that He Is Jesus. Beware brethern, do not aceept any other Messaiah that is going say that they he is Him.

  20. God Almighty is “a just God” and has to punish sin and sinners or else He ceases to be a “just God”. He was very clear to Adam and Eve that they would surely die that day if they took of the only tree that He forbid them to take from. They received their punnishment when they disobeyed and He did not allow them to take any more fruits from the tree of life–so they died a physical death before one thousand years passed from the moment that they ate of the forbidden fruit. God did forgive them by shedding the blood of innocent lambs and osed the skins to clothe them. So man fell and lost his right to this plannet; the evil-one

  21. …now had the rights to the planet. Now a new “Adam” was needed to live a perfect sinless life and be offered as a sacrifice for all humans and therefore be able to take the rights from the evil-one. The Passover had shedding of innocent blood to protect the Isrealites from death, and is a symbol of the Messiah shedding His Blood to protect those who by faith accept the Messiah and thus be justified from eternal death and thus be saved. Hell was prepared for the fallen evil-one and his followers; but those who don’t aceept the Messiah’s sacrifice, will have to be included in Hell because He is a Just

  22. …God who has to punish sin. But those who are “justified” by God through His Son Jesus (He is God Almighty who limited His existence to auman body, has all the attributes and authority of God) they will be with God in Heaven. The Jewish Messiah already came and and suffered just like Issiah 53 said that He would suffer. The innocent Lamb of God shed His blood and now death just passes over us and cannot touch the soul, just the flesh. We are justified by Grace if we accept His free gift, and repent from our sinfull life, and are Baptised in the name of Jesus (Acts 4:12) or Yeshua, just like Peter answered in Acts 2:38.

  23. Let me tell you a story: When the evil-one rebelled in Heaven, he must have poisoned the minds of the angels that were under his command (a third of angels in heaven, billions of them) with the common lie that God did not love them, because God was denying them . The evil-one used this same tactic that had worked so well for him, when he lied to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, “God doesn’t want you to be like gods, or He is denying you what you deserve to be or need to know” etc. This tactic is clearly illustrated when Absalom used it against his father King David. Absalom won the hearts of many people by lying to them that King David was denying them justice; and he granted them their wishes, just to win over their hearts. Now back to Heaven, the evil-one successfully injected doubt in the hearts of many of the citizens of Heaven, that God really did not love them and that God was not really who He said He was– the Creator of All. You see, because God is so meek and doesn’t show-off his power, He dwelled among the angels, as the Angel of the Lord. Even though He is so powerful, greater than all the Universes combines and then multiplied by many more trillions of times; He was not going to dwell among His angels as a “big ball of fire” but rather like one of them, because He is Love and He likes to dwindle among His created beings– He likes to fellowship with them—and of course no being can exist in His presence if He were to appear in His full form, not even the angels. That is why John 1:18 says that “No one has seen God any time” (meaning past present or future). He dwelt among them as the Angel of the Lord, and this made it easier for the evil-one to confuse and lie about who the Angel of the Lord was, and thus also make himself think that he could also take over the Kingdom of Heaven, and be even greater than God Himself. Obviously the evil-one found out who God really was when he lost after the mutiny, and was cast into the dark physical universe where the Earth is located (along with a third of his followers). But now God found it necessary to show “all of creation” that His love was beyond anything they had ever imagined. “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” Jesus said it in John 15:13. But here is the problem: God cannot die, even as the Angel of the Lord (Jesus before being born in the flesh), for He is eternal .So how can He show His love for ALL his created beings when He cannot die? Well, He had already created the smallest of His created beings, “man”, and man had a corruptible body, and was capable of dying—hmm, problem solved. If God Almighty were to be born as a human, He could die a physical death, and yet His spirit would continue to be eternal. If He died and suffered for ALL creation, as a small simple human, would there be any doubt that His love is genuine? By now the evil-one was already working on destroying the smallest created beings in the Garden of Eden. God set His plan of Salvation in motion, to pay the ransom for humans, and to demonstrate His great of Love for ALL creation! God Almighty is the Angel of the Lord AND is also Jesus Christ (and the Holy Spirit). He limited Himself to a human body, but He is the essence of Almighty God, or full Deity in an earthly vessel. He is no coward! He would not “a son” to die for Him, He himself came down to die for All, and He calls Himself as a human, the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty God in flesh (Read Isaiah 9:6). Blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who showed His love for All of us!

  24. I want to tell you there are several things that the New Testament Jesus did that went against Judaism. To begin with, he touched a leper which is forbidden by Torah. Secondly, he touched a woman who wasn’t his wife, which goes against the Talmud. Thirdly, he told his disciples to take a donkey that didn’t belong to them. So it is no wonder Jews reject the Jesus of the NT as the Moshiach.

  25. The coming of the Messiah is an interesting issue to which many prophecies are connected.
    Below, we are going to examine this area, that is, the prophecies connected with the coming of the Messiah. The purpose is to go through especially what has been told in the Scriptures – the Books of Moses, psalms and prophets – about the coming of the Messiah, the point of time of His coming, His life, His origins and whether or not these prophecies have already been fulfilled. In other words, the purpose is to find out how these things actually came true.
    However, we will not only be restricted to the writings of the Bible, but also use old commentaries of the rabbis (Midrash, Targum, Zohar, Talmud, etc.) as assistance, because they are valued very much amongst Jews. What is surprising is that from these old sources – especially from the oldest – can be found a powerful expectation of the Messiah and a description of His supernatural characteristics, presented in a way which very much resembles the message of the New Testament. An example of this expectation of the Messiah is what Talmud has said on the following lines. They indicate that prophets prophesied only for the days of the Messiah:

    “All prophets prophesied only for the days of the Messiah” (Sanhedrin 99a. p. 670).

    “The world was created only for the Messiah.” (Sanhedrin 98b. p. 667).

    The whole article; http://www.jariiivanainen.net/Messiah_prophesies_Talmud.html

  26. The essence of the Law, or the “spirit of the Law” is summed-up in Deuteronomy 6:5: “ And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” and Jesus clarified it further by saying: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Clearly the Law allowed exceptions when a “greater good” could be done, as when you are demonstrating your love for God or doing good for your “neighbor” (a fellow human). For example: If a leper slips on a mountain trail and you see that he needs help right away, would you let him fall just because the Law says to not touch a leper? Clearly the greater good would be for you to save him. If an unknown woman falls into a lake and is drowning and you are nearby to assist, would you let her drown just because you cannot touch a woman who is not your wife? Clearly the greater good would be to jump in and save her. If an evil murderer came to you and demanded that you tell him where he can find Mr.X so that he can kill him, would you tell him where to go look for him, or in other words, would you tell him the truth just because the Law demands that you say the truth? Clearly the greater good would be to deceive the murderer and lead him away from Mr. X ; this in order to save his life. In all these cases, a life is at stake and breaking the written word in order to keep the “spirit of the Law” is the right thing to do. Have you read where King David went into the temple and fed his men with the bread that was strictly set aside for the Levites, in order to save his men’s lives? He broke the law but He kept the spirit of the law with a greater good, and God did not punish him. The same can be said of Jesus! Whenever He touched a leper or a woman, He did it for a greater good, to heal them or to save them. He also healed the blind man on the Sabbath by “working” as when He spit on the ground and made mud to apply to the blind man’s eyes; but He kept the spirit of the law by doing a greater good. Jesus clearly knew when to apply it and in all cases He broke laws that were not the original intent of God’s laws. Men had added so many more burdensome rules beyond what God had commanded. Spitting on the dust and making mud was now considered “working”? Healing a man on the Sabbath was now wrong? Healing the Leper’s and the sick women, and even raising the dead, all of these on the Sabbath, was now wrong? The religious leaders were actually imposing more than God intended – they were not keeping the intent of the Law –they were adding a burden upon the people. We need to always keep in mind the “spirit of the Law” and weigh the options justly, with God’s help, through prayer. Currently the laws of this country (the USA), have also gone beyond what the founding fathers intended for America. We are also losing our way! For example: Freedom of Religion is now being interpreted as Freedom From Religion (no religion). Speaking the Lord’s truth is now considered “hate speech” (at least in Canada and we are heading that way too). If the founding fathers were to appear in the present, they would also not keep these twisted laws which are not the original intent of their written constitution. They would say that we have also lost the intent of what they intended for this nation.

  27. Now regarding the taking of the donkey: There are multiple explanations about why this was not a theft. Let me give you two of them. First, there is a possibility that Jesus had a prior arrangement with the owner of the donkey, and He knew that He could use it when ever he needed it. This is what Luke 19:29-34 says: “Jesus sent two of his disciples, Saying, Go ye into the village . . . ye shall find a colt tied, whereon yet never man sat: loose him, and bring him hither. And if any man ask you, Why do ye loose him? thus shall ye say unto him, Because the Lord hath need of him. . . . And as they were loosing the colt, the owners thereof said unto them, Why loose ye the colt? And they said, The Lord hath need of him.” Obviously the owner let them take the donkey because of either a prior arrangement or he simply knew who Jesus was, and he had no issue with Jesus borrowing it. Another possibility is an unwritten rule, that when a person of authority or a Rabbi requested to borrow an animal, that the right thing to do was to loan it out, knowing that it would be returned and the owner would be justly compensated. This can happen even in modern times. If a police officer doesn’t have a car and he needs to pursue a criminal, he can commandeer a citizen’s vehicle and he will not be prosecuted for vehicular theft – the policeman is not breaking the law.
    Please google this phrase: “Did Jesus steal a donkey?” to read further from the websites that are listed.

  28. Shalom Violaine,
    I see your point of view. However, it does say in revelation that two prophets will foretell the conning of the Messiah (Yeshua): ישוע. So Kidduri could have been one of the prophets. Also, please note that the Greek language is as complex as Ancoent Hebrew. Hence, you can not, in no possible comprehensible way, translate te scriptures into English. You not only need the words (which are among the hardest), but you also need the mindset. It’s ALOT that goes into this.

  29. Well you don’t have to believe it ,but you are closer the you think, God told me this back in 2003 , not everyone have been exposed to this, vedio,google up . Prophet Ruth,yes Prophet Ruth,I’am who God Say’s I’am, (Exposed)

  30. “Kiedy Jezus przyjdzie ponownie w chwale, wszystko zrozumie. Na razie objawia się tylko do tych, których Ojciec wybiera i być może jedna z tych osób był rabin Kaduri.” – to cytat, ale przeanalizujmy fragmenty: “wszystko zrozumie” a kto Jezus jak przyjdzie – to coś zrozumie? Drugi “może jedna z tych osób” czyli są inni…

    Moim zdaniem Jezus, ale wszystko co napisze, będzie nieudaną próba? Więc zacznę od rab Kakuriego, czyli osoby nam współczesnej? On bał się najbliższych, jednak czy to oznacza, że chciał być tym co odejdzie od Judaizmu? Moim zdaniem, oczywiście on reprezentuje podobnie jak ongiś Jezus ultra ortodoksyjny judaizm.

    W Talmudzie dowiadujemy się, że Żydem jest ten kto zachowuje oryginalny język i studiuje Prawo Boże? No i w tej materii z powodu postępów w nauce, możemy dowiedzieć się, że litera TAW ma kształt + a za to chciano wykluczyć wielu ortodoksów z pośród siebie. Rabin stawiał na papierze krzyżyki + x …

    Kogo dziś interesuje prawda o Mesjaszu Żydowskim, albo o tym, że nie mógłby ON być innym jak tylko Zwycięzcą??? I mamy oto Jezusa Chrystusa, który w kazaniu na górze, przekazuje nam istotę Swojego Posłannictwa. Wszystkie Błogosławieństwa, czyli powody do bycia szczęśliwym korespondują z 10 Słowami? Są nie teoretyczną formą spekulacji, ale wskazówką, dla tych co uznają GO za Mesjasza ze Starego Testamentu…

    Kiedy to stanie się jasne?

    Kaduri uważa, że to teraz! Że On jest pierwszym uznającym w Jezusie Chrystusie Mesjasza Żydów??? To nie alibi dla bałwochwalstwa, czy niegodziwych zysków na Jego Skórze. To dzięki Niemu nam uda się wykonać kolejny krok w rozwoju Tej Cywilizacji???

    A kiedy, dokładnie?

    W widzeniu prorockim, powiedział Jezus, że Jest Pierwszym i Ostatnim a to tworzy w języku hebrajskim konkretne słowo, ponieważ ALEF & TAW – to ” at “. Znak Czasu, tego czasu, bo czy nie używa się at na oznaczenie poczty internetowej @??? Problem jednak, czy ludzie zechcą być szczęśliwy w oparciu o Prawo Boże a nie o własne widzimisię, które najczęściej pozostaje spekulacją intelektualnej, czy zmysłowej filozofii, czy religii.

    Ale byłoby dobrze zacząć od warsztatów na temat Rekonstrukcji Dekalogu, oczywiście w 100% pozostaje do dyspozycji i przypominam, że dla mnie Jezusa Tajemnica znajduje się w człowieku, którego mam zaszczyt spotkać.

  31. Jose A. Ortiz says:

    His name is Yahoshua like Rabbi Kaduri wrote. Furthermore, Messiah appeared to me in a vision twice, the first time he appeared to me in a dark surrounding and I couldn’t see my surroundings, then Yahshua appeared and he had a light (lamp) in his hand and asked me what was it for? I replied: “to shine on the darkness” (meaning lighten the dark) and to my surprise he said: “N0” and he then took a step back and placed a lamp in front of my feet, stepped back and put another, and another. I then saw that the lamps were lighting a road and I could see the path and the sideroads…”Psalms 119:105-“Lamp to my feet is your Torah, and a light to my path”…MEANING: I have to begin to let the light of Torah to guide me in this life..The 2nd vision, he came as a judging Elohim and with him came 12 and set in tables and the rich and powerful were being judged and they (rich and powerful) were arguing with him about their deeds and stuff, and at the same time a man clothed in white robes (so white it was almost transparent) and he was screaming: “master, master please forgive me” and was on his knees begging for forgiveness..Then Yahshua raised his left hand and had the angels take the rich and powerful to the left (fire) and to the man begging for forgiveness he raised his right hand and he was accepted through a gate or door…MEANING: Rev 19:8″For the fine linen (clean and white) are the justifications of saints”..The man clothed in white fine linen was a man vf govd deeds, yet was fearful of Yah’s judgement and was begging for forgiveness, whereas the rich, greedy and powerful were disputing their “deeds” Luke 6:24-“”But woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort” and their persistence on justifying their greed, corruption and luxury living is against Yah’s will..

  32. Czy można powiedzieć, że dziś Narodem Wybranym są Ci ludzie z narodów, którzy studiują i mając wiedzę z miłością tworzą Mądrość Ha-Szem? A gdyby zabrakło tych ludzi, których dotyka miłość do Tego, który Jest Jeden – to moja aktywność byłaby pozbawiona jakiegokolwiek sensu…
    Szalu Szalom Jeruszalaim.
    Tak! Dziś Jest ten Dzień.

  33. Co pozostaje istotą wypowiedzi Kaduriego? On uznał, że Jezus Chrystus pozostaje w Judaizmie tak samo jak rabin Kaduri a więc to prawda, że nawet tak przygotowani do tego celu ludzie wciąż są nie gotowi…
    Mesjasz objawia się w spotkanym człowieku, ale tylko wówczas, gdy spotykający znajduje się na odpowiednim poziomie i tylko wówczas odnajduje Dziedzictwo Narodu Wybranego…
    Nigdy bałwochwalcy i ci co wzgardzili Mocą Życia, ponieważ są źli i chcą nienawidzić to co pozostaje Dziełem Stworzyciela, czyli ludzi, przyrody a także wszelkiej filozofii biofilnej, ponieważ są w szponach Szatana.
    On nie chce służyć ludziom z powodu pychy i próżności, i dzieło zawsze już będzie na miarę mistrza.
    Bóg pozostaje w zgromadzeniu tych co są świadomi Mocy Życia i sprawia, że każdy zrozumie istotę Przymierza z Życiem, która została spisana Na Dwóch Tablicach Świadectwa i złożona w Arce Przymierza…
    Jednak Owe 10 Słów przetrwało do dziś, dzięki wierności tych z krwi i tych natchnionych!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Did Rabbi Kaduri actually FOLLOW Jesus of Nazaeth during his lifetime?
    Did he preach Jesus of Nazareth as the Apostle Paul did?
    Did he reveal the name of the Messiah as Jesus of NAZARETH?

    Answer to all four question is NO.

    There were many Jesus’es during Jesus time, but only Jesus of NAZARETH is designated as the Messiah … even the demons
    knew he was from Nazareth. Otherwise one is following (as Paul points out many times, “another Jesus”). Just because Kaduri
    seems to have said (note, “seems” … Kadurin did not actually spell out the name … it was an acrostic) Jesus (Yehoshua) … it does not mean that it was Jesus of NAZARETH.

    And so then, why did Kaduri not spell out the name specifically as Jesus of NAZARETH? It could be any other Jesus … and perhaps the Antichrist or the false prophet will have the name, Jesus/Joshua as a first name?

    And what in the scriptures says that a former President of Israel must die before the Messiah is revealed …. answer is … nothing ways this. Jesus says that no one knows the time of his return … and which return is is Kaduri supposedly refering to? … the Harpazo (Rapture) of true believers? … or the Second Coming (Parousia) at the end of the Great Seven Year Tribulation?

    Stick with the Bible, not some old Rabbi who never was a follower of Jesus (Christ) the Messiah from Nazareth. Only Jesus the NAZARENE is the Messiah. It is not enough to be ‘convinced’ of this to be saved … one must not be convinced (head knowledge) but
    converted to truly be saved. Kaduri gave no evidence of being converted as Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimithea were (they publicly took Jesus of Nazareth down off the cross), or as Rabbi Saul (Apostle Paul) was. Kaduri was not a believer and thus there is no reason to believe anything he says concerning who the Messiah will be. It is more important to know who the Messiah WAS and to experience a true, full gospel conversion. Otherwise, it is the Lake of Fire one has only to look forward to.

  35. Chaim Sawyer says:

    Another failed attempt by stupid Christians…when will you guys just leave us alone?

  36. D.Kairo says:

    Yeah Israel will be revisited so that Rev 11 can come to pass. This is because in the first visitation they were blinded to give the gentiles a chance to worship and be saved. Did not recognize Him and ended up killing Him but these are His people He cannot forsake them. Going by the old Testament prophesies it is undeniable that Jesus met all of it, check both in scripture and history. A visitation of 1260 days which is the 2nd part of the last week prophesied by Daniel the prophet.

  37. Rabbanit Ruth Alfasi says:

    haRav haMekubal Yehudah Alfasi, shlita, was Rosh Kollel after Rav Kaduri passed away and his rav, Rav Yosef Bar El, shlita, was a close talmid of Rav Kaduri’s for over 20 years – the whole story, like many these days, is nonsense.

    Commonsense AND the halachot of lashon hara dictate that one should give the benefit of the doubt for even an average Jew and not assume negative stories about our fellow Jew are true. Even more so for an undisputed tzadik such as Rav Kaduri!

  38. Jane Yechieli says:

    What I understand is that in their foundation the christian and jewish religion are the same. Jesus came to spread in a pagan and barbaric world easier teachings. What is the problem if he comes back ? The reunion of all the religions. That would really mean that the days of the messiah are coming.

    • When Jesus comes the next time, it will be an invisible return and HE will not step on Earth. HE will gather His beloved Bride, the True Church (those who have accepted Him and were Baptised in the name of Jesus, alive and dead). He will “harpazo” or snatch-out the Church causing the great disappearance of believers. He is NOT coming to unite all relegions! However, because of the True Church disappearing, there will be additional chaos, and the Beast or the false christ will be able to step into history as the “savior” of humanity, and he will unite all religions in a new hybrid religion—he will fool humanity that he is the christ (but he is the devil-of-a-man, 100 times worse than Hitler). Foolishly, many will believe his lies that a new era of peace on Earth has arrived , when in fact, the worse wars, persecutions, and natural calamities will occur. The only way to escape this near future, is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ, God Almighty encarnate, be baptised by sumersion, recieve the Holy Spirit with evidence of good fruits and wonders to be a witness to others and also guide them to salvation by the grace of God.

  39. Leo Adams says:

    When Jesus of Nazareth said that no one knows the time of my coming HE did not (because HE could not) lie. That does not mean that after HIS resurection (and rejoining the FATHER) HE does not know now. After all, GOD does not mean HIS will is to be hidden from HIS people forever. Abraham was told he would have a son, and that his heirs would be a numerous as the sand. Abraham waited. Sarah was already past child bearing and yet was impatient and brought her servant woman Hagai in to sleep with Abraham. A son was born, but not the son GOD had intended. When Sarah was pregnant, dou you suppose there was any doubt whether the child would be a boy or a girl? GOD reveals his will through ‘mysteries’ sometimes. The mysteries don’t remain hidden forever. http://www.themysteryunlocked.com.

  40. A la lecture de cette vidéo, je pense aussi qu’il pourrait sagir de l’Anti christ le faux prophète que Israël va reconnaître comme étant le messie. Avant le retour de Yeshoua Hamashiah

  41. clueless gentile says:

    I find your comments fascinating browndog.
    On March 18, 2012 at 11:06 am, one of your comments was,”Messiah means “annointed one.” There is nothing devine about the title. The followers of Jesus, those that knew him best, were Jews. There was nothing he said or did that went against Judaism. His followers were practicing Jews, plain and simple. It is even possible that a majority of Israel saw him as their King. But he was never viewed as a divine figure by those who knew him best. ”
    Later on you quote James… Do you then accept Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as truthful accurate narratives on the life and death of Jesus?

  42. irene hantz says:

    whether A jew says Yeshua isnt the messiah or not dosent mean that its the truth..

    We need to understand that Jewish people today are following opinions that were given from generation to generation but that dosent mean that its true tp what they have been taught..
    I find it hard to believe that when Jews say that all prophecies werent completed… it means that He wasnt the messiah but the torah states that the Jewish Messiah will have to arrive before the temple is destroyed…
    I personally just think that people are following the torah but also denying parts of it just to suit their opinions…..
    All the prophecies might mean all in the ‘spitirual ‘sense than in the material world….. e.g free us from spiritual bondage than in ‘this world’ etc…

    I personally say that for the answer one must pray.. you dont have to tell anyone that you prayed for the answer… never ask a rabbi or a christian for this as you will hear their opinion and it can confuse… WHY DONT YOU ALL ASK ‘THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING’ YOURSELF?

  43. Jesus is NOT Yahushua and this is a serious problem.
    Jesus is a product of the Vatican and frees believers from the Torah (Law)
    He is the ‘lawless one’ who is to be revealed.
    Do not be deceived.
    I love what I see about Kadouri
    Don’t add to his works.
    He did not foretell that Jesus was Messiah
    He told us Yahushua was Messiah.
    Big difference
    simply email me and ask for more

    • Don Sturgill says:

      NOTE to readers: I have asked Richard to substantiate his apparently “anti-Christ” claims. A partial reply follows:

      Perhaps whie I prepare a few things for you, I should take you on an interesting tangent, whereby I ask, would you be so kind as to look up the true meanings of
      -anti -christ-
      for yourself.

      My wee hints herein:
      ‘anti’ being ‘the replacement’, ‘alternate’ or ‘exchange’
      and assume the word ‘christ’ as referring to, or meaning the messiah.

      I posit that the appellation ‘Jesus Christ’ is a nom de guerre fabricated of necessity by the Holy Roman Empire

      ‘Anti Christ’ in my current belief does not mean opposing G_d or Christ
      (and I have a wee problem with “G_d” also, with the deference in the Angle-ish translation literally becoming the Anglicised ‘Gimel Dalet’ which does not read well in the precious writings of the Nebiim also, but we shall leave that for another time.

      Anti-Christ literally translated means the ‘replacement, alternate or exchange messiah’,
      and the ‘christian’ scriptures propose that Christ frees us from the law, and further convince us that that ‘lawless’ one will be revealed.

      Our Creator, our precious Heavenly Father יהוה would disagree with our being ‘free’ from His precious commands.

      • Don Sturgill says:

        In the tradition of the Bereans, who “searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so” (Acts 17:11), Richard’s comments are welcome here on Roadturn. He has promised to explain his positions further, so that we can launch the discussion as a separate (yet certainly related) topic to that of Rabbi Kaduri and Ariel Sharon.

        Preliminary questions I have for Richard are:

        1. What credence do you allow for the New Testament (the Tanakh)?

        2. If the Christ (annointed one) is not the Messiah (promised one), how are the two different and how can each be recognized?

        3. How can you possibly equate Jesus (Yeshua or Yehoshua) with the “lawless one” (2 Thessalonians 2), seeing that the author (Paul) quite apparently did not make that connection at all? That portion of the Tanakh ends with “Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and our God and Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting consolation and good hope by grace, comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work.”

        • Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

          You have got it wrong. The New Testament is not the TaNaCH. It is the Old Testament.

        • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

          Roadturn, I do not know where you were told that the new Testament was part and/or parcel of the TaNaCH; but, it absolutely, is NOT. Neither the New Testament, nor the TaNaCH end with those words you have written. Sorry friend.

          • Roadturn says:

            Yes, of course you are correct Micah. Messianic Jews typically refer to the later documents as “B’rit Hadashah” … thank you for catching that (plain goofy) error.

  44. Niezwykle pożyteczna ta strona.
    Mesjasz Jest w spotkanym człowieku, przeze mnie już a czy możliwe zrozumieć to po za mozaizmem?

  45. Glenda Smith says:

    Neither Paul nor any of the Apostles in the New Testament writings taught against the Torah teachings of good works and deeds. Jesus taught that the spirit of the Law was love of God, neighbor and that by loving all Law was obeyed.

  46. Yes.

  47. I was surprised to find that CNN has an incredible article regarding Jesus; it is named: “Jews Reclaim Jesus as on of their own”. I want to invite you all to read it and then come back to this great site to continue the great dialog about Yeshua, Jesus. Here is the link: http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2012/04/05/jews-reclaim-jesus-as-one-of-their-own/

  48. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
    For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
    Behold, I have told you before.
    Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.
    For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
    For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together. Matthew 24:23-28.

  49. And he said unto the disciples, The days will come, when ye shall desire to see one of the days of the Son of man, and ye shall not see it.
    And they shall say to you, See here; or, see there: go not after them, nor follow them.
    For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day.
    But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation. Luke 17:22-25.

  50. I believe in the word of the apostle Paul follow the love

  51. There is a belief in Orthodox Judaism that there are TWO Messiahs. Actually, more than two, Messiah means Annointed and there are many annointed (Aaron being the first). Nevertheless, there are two “significant” Messiahs called Messiah ben Yosef and Messiah ben David. When I first learnt of this doctrine it struck my Christian sensitivities as a heresy, however I now find it quite plausible and it doesn’t contradict my Christian understanding, indeed, it strengthens it.

    According to Rabbinical tradition, Messiah ben Yosef comes first to prepare the way for Messiah ben David. Messiah ben Yosef comes, not for the House of Judah, but for the scattered House of Yosef. The northern Tribes of Israel are subjects of a different covenant to the House of Judah (today’s Jews), and they received different promises and blessings. These included military might, agricultural and mineral plenty, vast numbers (over a billion), located in the best lands, being a light to the Gentiles, taking over and settling in “wasted heritages”, and being located to the north-west and south-east (Sinim) of the Land of Israel at this time.

    The House of Judah was obliged to retain their identity as Hebrews, keep the Law, and resettle the Land of Israel. A “remnant” of the House of Israel will join with them in the Land of Greater Israel when Messiah ben David rules from Jerusalem.

    What does Orthodox (Rabbinical) Judaism teach about Messiah ben Yosef?

    Not much actually as He is important to the House of Yosef, not to the House of Judah, nevertheless He:
    Comes before Messiah ben David
    He is the “Suffering Messiah”
    He comes for “lost Israel” (not Judah)
    He dies but mysteriously resurrects Himself.

    Here we see Messiah Yehoshua, but Jewish tradition differs as the Jews believe that Messiah ben Yosef comes immediately prior to Messiah ben David (not seperated by thousands of years), and they also believe that Messiah ben Yosef comes from the Tribe of Ephraim, not the Tribe of Judah. It is interesting though that Yehoshua was the step-son of Yosef, and He was named after the great hero of Ephraim, Yehoshua ben Nun (though he was a descendant of David through both his parent’s lines).

    So there really isn’t that much difference between Christians who keep the Torah and become “Followers of the Way” (Nazarenes) as per Paul’s instructions, and religious or observant Jews. Christians believe that Yehoshua is both Messiah ben Yosef who shall return as Messiah ben David, whereas the Jews believe that two annointed Individuals fulfil the two roles.

    And come He shall, though there shall be a great persecution of ALL ISRAEL (Jacob’s troubles, NOT just Judah) prior to His return. May He come soon.

    • That idea seems rather thinly patched together from apocryphical sources, Dafydd. Surely, there is plenty I don’t know — but to put this out as “absolute” seems a bit much (and meant to be a proof of the two house idea).

      Here’s my primary consternation: Anything that important would likely have been clearly revealed in Scripture. There was a precursor to Messiah — John the Baptist. Will there be another precursor to his return — a Messiah ben Yosef? Stranger things have happened, I guess, but I would need to see the idea backed up by canonical sources.

  52. Yes, may He come soon, but let us continue to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and our Jewish Bretheren, that they may find Him (recognize that Jeshua IS the Almighty GOD who was born a human); and may those who become believers of The Jewish Messiah, that they may accept HIM as per the Scriptures and thus escape from the coming fulfillment of the seventieth week of the Prophet Daniel’s prophesy, regarding Jacob’s Trouble or the Tribulations that are coming to Earth. Let us continue to pray for the Jewish people, that the veil that covers their eyes be lifted, so that they may escape (be Raptured with the Church) from the coming troubled times.

    • My fellow bretheren; We are living in times which were predicted would be times of apostcy and confusion; just like the days of Noah, where crime and lack of respect for God’s laws has increased. We are living in times so twisted that even the “big brand christian” churches have whole heartedly embraised same-sex marriage as a blessed union. And we will see more and more of these perverted twisted interpretations of the Word of God. But there is hope for those who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their saviour, (God Almighty in flesh), because he has provided a “passover” for those who receive His blood covering. This is what is coming soon: First the rapture or harpazo of the true believers who followed the scriptures and were submerged in Baptismal waters in the name of the Lord JESUS Christ, received the Holy Spirit with evidence of signs that followed in their lives, and are living a holy life, as humanly possible. Many, maybe as high as 90 percent of so called “christians” will not be raptured, because they did not follow the simple rules of the New Testament to qualify as heirs of the new covenent. And they did believe in Jesus Christ, but like in any testament, you follow the rules laid down by the document or else you don’t qualify as an heir to it. Christians who stay behind will be persecuted just like the Jews will also—this is Yacov’s, Jacob’s trouble—but they will get only one chance for baptism: by their own blood as they are decapitated because they do not accept The Beast as their god—unfortunately many also will not be willing to stay true, but many others will. There will be seven years of tribulation, the latter 3 1/2 years as the worst. It will be a world religion, mostlikely a mixture of radical muslims with watered-down false “so called big brand christian churches” and new age demonic groups. The Beast, the world leade, dictator, will be proclaimed as the “Saviour” and anointed one, the devil himself through a charismatic world leader, that will at first fool even the “elect”, the Jews, that their messiah has finally come. Oh how terrible it will be, for he will betray them to the point of almost exterminating them—-100 times worse than Hitler. My hope is that we all read the scriptures and and go back to the teachings and examples of the 1st Century Church, before the scripture or interpretation of them got watered-down by the evil one and his followers. Seek God, and be ready or else suffer the consecuences of our own actions. ~Cloudman MD.

  53. The Jewish Messaih is coming for sure, and for sure his name is Jesus. Christians know that, Nichodemus and some other Jews knew/know that. One day other Jewish remnant will know that. But how fortunate are they to be foretold once again by one of their most prominant and respected Rabbi’s. Praise the Lord!

  54. Mój Mesjasz objawił się w spotkanej przeze mnie osobie, jednak po za Izraelem to nie ma sensu. Mój Bóg pozostaje sprawiedliwy, ale proszę z drżeniem o Jego miłosierdzie. Rabi Kaduri obawiał się najbliższych a więc pozostaje wielka tajemnica, jak może to się stać? Jednak to co nie możliwe zostaje między ludźmi może być oczywiste dla Najwyższego…
    Szalu Szalom Jeruszalaim.

    • (Edward’s post — from Google Translate)

      My Messiah revealed in I met a person, but after for Israel does not make sense. My God is righteous, but please trembling of his mercy. Rabbi Kaduri was afraid of coming and so it remains a great mystery, how can this happen? However, what is not possible between people may be obvious to the Supreme …
      Shawl Shalom Yerushalayim.

  55. According to our Christian bible Jesus the Messiah will be coming back to restore Israel to it’s former glory regardless of how wicked she may have been in the past. Her past rejection by God is/was but temporary and her seemingly hopeless situation/s should never be perceived as a sign of weakness or opportunity by her enemies. (Romans 11: 11 – 36).

    Zechariah 12:10 “……they will look upon me, the one they have pierced…”.

  56. sharon.swain says:

    If the tribulation is 7 half years.sharon has been.now dont quote me.in a comatosed state for seven years.that would leave six months to go.just a shot.Jesus is the savior,Amen

  57. What I read above in the main article is that Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri said that the Messiah would appear after the death of Ariel Sharon; but, he did not specify how long after, the Messiah would happen. As a pre-tribulationist I believe that the Bible clearly says that Jesus will come first to snatch His Church, in a twinkle of an eye (very fast), and that He would meet the Church in the clouds — therefore no one else other than the Church and the angels will see Him. Then the seven years of tribulations occur here on Earth, while at the same time the Groom and the Bride (Jesus and the Church) are having the wedding supper, or feast of celebration, up in heaven. After the seven years go by, then Jesus returns along with His Church, and this time “every eye shall see Him” and He sets His foot on Mount Olive, which splits in two, and He triumphantly enters Jerusalem as a King, to start His millenum reign of peace and Justice, here on Earth.

  58. Brother Don Sturgill, Thank you for this forum that you provide. I have seen multiple comments in a different language (Yedish?), and if someone could provide a translation of what was written, it might be beneficial to many.

    • Roadturn says:

      Yes, this is a fascinating discussion. I love the different perspectives. I considered translating … but don’t want to assume that responsibility (since I don’t know the language and can’t verify the accuracy of a translation). I use Google translate. Here is the link: http://translate.google.com/

      • Translation is the key. Vania is excellent in his explanations! Do you know why the sculpture of Moses head hornes on his head– due to the wrong translation from Hebrew.

  59. Thank you for the link; I will certainly use it.

  60. Vania Melamed says:

    You have to understand that the Aramaic and biblical Hebrew the Torah was written in was not known in writing by all of Jesus’ disciples, which is what made Christianity unique: literacy was not a condition of observance, whereas once Ben Sira had written Torah, it was expected that all Jews at the age of three – male and female – would begin to learn the language. Because of this, many Christian translations of the “Old Testament” contain really crude and even bizarre translations of words from biblical Hebrew and Aramaic that just are plain false, and native Hebrew speakers can say this with some conviction because the Hebrew that is spoken today in Israel is mostly based on biblical Hebrew because Hebrew as a language was not spoken outside of religious observance in any other nation where Jews survived extrinsic to Israel or Palestine.

    The other issue is Gematria, which the English, Greek, and Latin alphabets lack, and which most Christians aren’t fluent in; gematria is not mystical like the Zohar or some of the lines from Shir ha Shirim; gematria is endemic to the Hebrew language, and all our vocabulary is based on the relationships between the numerology, definitions, and uses of the words and conjugations. Yes, the name haRav Kaduri revealed is ‘Yehoshua’, but it in no way means that the person who will be “the messenger” is Jesus. Conversely, it does not mean that the messenger WON’T be Jesus. The term ‘mashiakh’ in Torah does not mean ‘savior’ or one who brings salvation, but is simply “the anointed”, which means he will likely be a Kohan or at lowest a Levi. It also only mentioned in Torah once, and the rest of the references related solely to akharit hayamim, or “Final Days”. We also as Jews will have two mashiakhs, essentially: ben David, and ben Yosef, and the translations from Torah in Daniel and Yekhezkiel seem to imply that ben Yosef will die before ben David is known universally, which gives us the impression that ben Yosef is a martyr of some sort.

    So, while I’m not saying that Yehoshua won’t be Jesus, it’s important to understand that all of the translation of the Old Testament is different numerologically and therefore in application from the actual Hebrew and Aramaic vocabulary used in Torah. In Judaism we also believe that it’s possible for hagoyim, the gentiles – to have a separate messenger in theory than we, but who will share the goals of mashiakh ben David. Again, this is theory that doesn’t rule out the possibility that mashiakh ben David and ben Yosef will represent all G-D-loving people, but it also doesn’t unequivocally rule in favour of Jesus’ coming, which, again, does not mean Jews believe he WON’T come, but that he won’t come for the Jews.

    • Vania, thank you for the comment. You offer much to foster closer research. Annointing mentioned only once in Torah? That doesn’t sound right … but given the reading cycle is beginning, it will sure offer a good chance to see 🙂

    • Vania, He will come first for you, then us, Is 49:6

    • You are such a wonderful scholar!! Wonderfully done. I am sorry that I made mistake in the word faith( not my mother tong). I wish I could study under your supervision! Brilliant explanation! Bravo! Shalom.

    • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

      Vania Melamed. In my research, the TaNaCH, has shown me that when speaking of either Mashiach ben-Yousef or ben-David, the reference word “Mashiach (or Mashia)” does not translate to “anointed”. It translates as “saviour”. I get this translation from both the Stone Edition and the Jewish Publication Society. So, I vehemently disagree with your analysis. I am a Jew, born under the Torah and with an analytical Jewish mindset. I too, am a believer in Yeshuah ha-Nazarit, as Mashiach, and I read Rabbi Kaduri’s (zt’l) note as an implication of Yeshuah ha-Nazarit as the identified Mashiach. Though many deny that either, this was not his note; and, that the total story is a fraud. Or, the Rav has identified another Yeshuah, not Yeshuah ha-Nazarit. I do believe he was visited by Yeshuah ha-Mashiach and none other. We are in the middle of Yacov’s trouble; and, the Christian Tribulation will be upon us very soon. Once a peace treaty is signed between the so called “Palestinians” and our people, then we will know that the Christian Tribulation has started. At mid-Tribulation, we are urged to relocate to the Rock City of Petra (or the mountains), however it is determined. I presently live in the United States; but, as soon as I see that treaty signed, I am moving home to my beloved Yisrael. It is where my ashkenazy grandparents would have gone, had they lived this long.
      Micah ben-Yehudah

      • Roadturn says:

        These are fascinating times, Micah. Please forgive my inability to grasp your (deep) thoughts and clarify for me: What difference does it make if the translators have, indeed, mistranslated Mashiach to “annointed” rather than “Saviour”? What are the ramifications?

  61. The Mashiach Jesus is Messiah I believe it. He is mashiach ben Yosef the suffering servant who like moses will leave and come again, when he comes he will be the Messiah ben David that returns.
    As a reigning king

    you cannot reject the Messiah! he
    If we reject the prophesied messiah we reject the Torah instruction and then you are therefore not Torah observant.

    On an interesting note Moshe turned water into blood in the time of judgment the sages have mentioned that the mashaich will turn water into wine becs it will be a time of Joy

    Isn’t that so amazing Jesus turned water into wine in his first miracle :O


    I urge you if you indeed have the Fear of Adoni you will go and do research look at both sides of the story and be not bias messiah fillfiled the prophesies conserning the suffering servent the ones about the righning kind are yet to be fullfiled in is 2nd coming but be honest HaShem knows your heart!

    Those that truly love adoni will not be led astray.

    Yeshua is even in the tzit tzit he is in the feasts he is in Torah he is in everything thing that we do if you wish to know more email me 😀 I will show put aside special time for you to explain why I think he is mashiach.

    He never came to introduce a new religion or convert he came to receive dispels.


    Malachi 4:2

    “But to you who fear My name The Sun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings.”

    Mark 6:56

    Wherever He entered, into villages, cities, or the country, they laid the sick in the marketplaces, and begged Him that they might just touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched Him were made well. 

  62. Robert Donaldson says:

    When Jesus was asked by the apostles when will your coming be
    He said as in the days of Noah.
    Methuselah name said his death will bring.
    Is this possibly a similar link.
    Woooow indeed as someone has already said

  63. I hesitate to put my website for it is political, not religious. Oh, well. I owe at least this much to my students at Yeshiva. The fact that he names the Messiah will have the name that has ALWAYS been the one that Jews believed it was long before the founder of the Christian religion was born and given that name which was translated to Greek in the Gospels as Jesus…. well that adds NOTHING to our knowledge. Sorry, it is NOT a momentous statement, more a momentary one.

    • Forgive my ignorance, Rabbi, but I don’t understand … His birth and attributes were predicted thousands of years in advance. Why is this not important?

  64. His name is “YHVH’s Salvation”, and there is salvation in no other.  Thus He is NOT ‘Jesus’.  He kept Torah, and His followers will also.  If you want salvation, there is no other salvation available.  You cannot ‘compromise’ between truth and error.  You can only move FROM truth TO error.  There is no ‘original Greek New Testament’.  The original was Hebrew.  Shalom   John

    • John, I guess you are saying the person is the same … but most Christians have the name wrong?

    • Jesus is Yeshua, I am glad I didn’t have you to tell me that Jesus was not the savior before I became a believer, because when I became a child of the living God and accepted Jesus into my heart and asked Him to be Lord of my life, then I had a peace that passed all understanding. How could you honestly sit there in good conscience and tell people that when Jesus/Yeshua/God looks on the hearts of men and women?? I had never grown up going to any type of church nor was I aware of any type of faith based indoctrination. What I did grow up with was demonic torture and the only way they would disappear was when I called out using the name of Jesus. It was then I knew that Jesus/Yeshua/God was the most powerful almighty God there was. Because I was not yet a Christian, they would come back. It wasn’t until I realized that I needed to accept what He did for me by dying for me on the Cross at Calvary and accepting him into my heart that these evil spirits or demonic entities left me forever. You need to be very careful telling people that they could not possibly know the Lord because they do not use the name Yeshua over the name of Jesus. For that matter why did God give the gift of speaking in tongues? The name of Jesus is Greek for Yeshua. It was so that everyone could hear the good news. God created the languages, be happy that people have come to know the Risen Savior. Please do not hinder someone from the Kingdom of Heaven over which language they should use to call out to Jesus. I know of His Hebrew name but I personally know Yeshuas Greek name and prefer to hold it dear to me since I was saved in the name of Jesus. I look forward to seeing you in the presence of our Lord Jesus (Yeshua). May the peace that passes all understanding be upon you. If you do not agree, or despise what God has done for me through His son, then please ask the Lord Jesus/Yeshua to help you see me as He himself sees me. Ask him to help you see through His eyes.

      • Great, gracious post, Tara! I totally agree with everything in it and I love all three names if our Lord – the Hebrew, English, and Greek. Love your testimony, too.

    • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

      Reb John, You are correct partially. All of Saul’s (Paul) writings were in Greek as he ministered to the Goyim. As for the Gospels, Matityahu and Yochanan were either in Hebrew or Aramaic. Marcus and Lucas were of the Greek persuasion as they were not Yehudim. Peter and the earthly brothers of Yeshuah were also, writing in either Hebrew or Aramaic. The more learned of the Apostles used Hebrew, while the less learned probably used Aramaic. I for one, as I noted in a previous message, with a very strong belief in the TaNaCH, being familiar with Yeshaya and Chapters 43 and 45 amongst others, take them very seriously. That means, if I am to believe Yeshuah ha-Nazarit is Mashiach, then in accordance with Yeshaya’s message from ha-Shem, I too must believe He is not only Mashiach, He too, is ha-Shem in carnate. Many will disagree with me; but, I desire only truth. Only the Holy Scriptures define newer scriptures, and the people they refer to.
      One topic not touched in these messages so far has been the two witnesses during the Tribulation. They are referred to as the Lampstands of Adonai. If in fact they are, then speculation is not necessary. Zecharias identifies the two as the Prince, Zerubabel and the High Priest, Yehoshuah. If I read correctly, Zecharias is speaking truth, and I have every reason to believe he is, they cannot be Enoch, Elijah, Moses, or any of the previously named candidates by speculation.
      I use only scripture, not conjcture, to understand the Word of Adonai – the commentaries, though written by Christian sages, if there be such a thing, are not always more than just pure opinion.

  65. @RoadturnYes.  (sort of, at least)  ‘Elijah’ is to come before the great and dreadful day of YHVH.  “Elijah” MEANS My Almighty (el) is YHVH.  Thus before the ‘second coming’ there will be a message (or messenger, it is hard to be sure, for the same word is used both ways) proclaiming that the name of the Almighty is YHVH.  (As in “Baruch haba Ha Shem YHVH-“— please pardon my poor transliteration, but I think you can get the message—  “Blessed is He who comes in the name of YHVH”  Shalom

  66. @Don SturgillThe short answer is that YAHUSHUA kept Torah, and His followers will also.  Thus lawless ‘Christians’ do NOT follow the Savior.

    • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

      Amen and Amen. Thank you Reb John Hasse.

    • Roadturn says:

      “None are righteous… no not one,” and again, “All our righteousness is as a filthy rag.” When I depend up my “law-keeping” to save me, I need no Saviour. I have become my own. Does that mean I should set aside the law (or change the law)? God forbid.

  67. @Jane YechieliThey are similar, in that the both reject YAHUSHUA, (YHVH’s Salvation)  YAHUSHUA kept Torah, and His followers will also.  the ‘Christian’s reject the law, which is the marriage covenant, and the ‘Jews’ reject the Bridegroom (YAHUSHUA) while pretending to keep the marriage covenant (Torah).  YAHUSHUA kept Torah, and His followers will also.  Thus neither is following the Savior

    • JohnHasse … love your exquisitely accurate statement: Christians reject the law, which is the marriage covenant, and the Jews reject the Bridegroom (YAHUSHUA) while pretending to keep the marriage covenant (Torah).

  68. @MDLoving YHVH includes keeping His rules, which include calling Him by His right name.  YAHUSHUA kept Torah, and His followers will also.  (Not many will be found obedient)

    • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

      Yeshuah said, “If you want life (eternal), obey the commandments”. Matityahu 19.17; “If you love me, obey my commands.” Yochanan 14.15; and Hitgaluyot 12.17, “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, who keep the commandments of G-d, and have the testimonyu of Christ Jesus.” No matter how you try to spin these three verses, they mean only one thing, ha-Mashiach Yeshuah commands us to obey the Torah. This in addition to His grace through faith, of His crucifiction and Resurrection.

  69. HopePrayDontWorry says:

    I have noted the significance of Sharon and the fact that Jewish and Christian brothers may disagree but we are still family and agree salvation is only through the Christ, there will be no peace for Jerusalem or the World for that matter….other than a temporary false one….pray for God’s will and Mercy and the Messiah is for all who Believe……

  70. @Roadturn


    allow me to help a little with what Robert means. 
    If you take the names of the early characters of the Bible mentioned in the Noahic genealogy of Genesis 5, and write down what each name means, a message appears. The Meaning of Methuselah is ‘His death shall bring” as in his death shall bring the flood. Here’s the genealogical list.

    Adam = Man
    Seth = Appointed
    Enosh = Mortal
    Kenan = Sorrow
    Mahalalel = (the) Blessed (one)
    Jared = Shall come down
    Enoch = Teaching
    Methuselah = His death shall bring
    Lamech = Despairing
    Noah = Comfort

    The above list is a message of messiah coming to bring salvation.

    Robert is referring to Methusaleh, who’s death would bring the flood. Likewise, could the death of Arial Sharon bring Messiah?

    Maybe. But the rapture has to happen first.


  71. JohnHasse says:

    well, yes and no more or less.  YAHUSHUA kept Torah, and His followers will also.   There is no Salvation without ‘YHVH’s Salvation’ (which is why the name of the Savior is YAHUSHUA –which means YHVH’s Salvation.)  Now, back up a step, and tell me honestly  “Who is following the Savior”  “Who is one with Him, and so will share His eternal life?”   I’m not talking about individuals, but about systems.  It is my perception that NONE of the major ‘denominations’ or ‘religions’ is connected to the Savior.  Shalom   John

    • Absolutely correct!! Moreover, why would Jewish Rabbi to be the prophet for Jesus, but not some Priest or Pope? Christians and Jews are waiting for Messiah from their own fathe, don’t they? How easy this question is solved by Islam– only to kill infidels, people from both our fathes.

  72. JohnHasse says:

    50penceAnd you are expecting a ‘secret rapture’? in spite of the fact that scripture says that when YAHUSHUA returns every eye will see Him,, etc?  That is a true triumph of hope over evidence.  YAHUSHUA kept Torah, and His followers will also.  Unless you are one with Him, you won’t share His life.

    • “Every eye will see him” speaks to the second coming when Jesus returns to earth to establish his Kingdom. The rapture occurs prior to that and not all eyes will see him at that happening .

      • Richie Franklin says:

        There is no proof there is a difference between the rapture and 2nd coming.
        Bible scholars seem to have merely read about the same event from different vantage points in the bible,and then claimed they were separate events.

        And then they taught these fallacies in the bible colleges,which in turn taught it to pastors in training,who then in turn unintentionally misled their congregations and organizations by preaching it.

        • dear friends
          In Hebrews 9:28 we can read “Unto those who look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation.” This passage tells us that only some will observe ‘this appearing’- those fully expecting Him; inferring that many won’t – those not expecting Him.
          In a family, when a new baby is about to arrive, only a few eyes see that baby – those expecting him, and in a happy home there is much joy. But after a time, more and more will get to see him who at first did not expect him.
          Even in the ancient Hebrew culture, the bridegroom would come for his bride at a moment of his good pleasure. There would be an announcement – “the Bridegroom comes; Go out to meet him” – to all the guests at the appearance of the bridegroom; who would then take his bride in a procession from her parents house to his house. There would then be a ceremony of matrimony; and after that a wedding feast. Only invited guests would be able to see and participate in the wedding feast. Very few would get to see the bridegroom at all.
          When Jesus comes He won’t be advertized on the media – unlike the antichrist.

          There are clearly two types of people who will get to see Jesus the Messiah whom Peter, John and Paul, and others spoke of, all were Jews and knew the ‘Scriptures’ probably better than most of us. Those who are ready and those who are not. The disciples were told by the angels – This same Jesus will so come in like manner as you have seen Him go. Some saw Him go into Heaven; only some will see Him come as the Bridegroom. But afterwards, every eye will see Him come as conquering King over the nations.

          • Now the zillion-dollar question, Ian, the debate that keeps us separated and at war. The issue that has resulted in smugness and self-righteousness, almost from the beginning : Who gets invited to the party?

      • Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

        The “first resurrection” spoken of by Paul in 1 Thessalonians 4, is clarified by Yeshuah in the Revelation as He gave to Yochanan in Chapter 20, verse 5 and 6. After the seven years. The Lord’s gathering is just after the Tribulation, and before the wrath of the Lord. No pre-Tribulation Rapture. Read it for yourselves.

  73. JohnHasse 50pence  

    To preface, much of what we say regarding Messiah’s return will be conjecture and merely academic, given what the Lord says about no one knowing the day nor the hour. But, putting words into my mouth notwithstanding, the Rapture will be a very public event. Can you imagine babies disappearing from mother’s wombs going unreported? Or calamities brought on by absentee airline pilots going unnoticed.
    When the rapture happens the news agencies will put it down to extraterrestrials (see Nephilim) no doubt and many will be deceived.

    This leads me to say that we need to be careful of not being deceived wholesale.
    Because the enemy could easily hijack peoples ferver for the prophecy and put in an appearance after Sharon’s death to save the world from Fukushima, which as we speak is sending radioactive dust to the US west coast. I can easily imagine space craft appearing in the sky this year to ‘save humanity from itself’.

    Without delving into hermeneutics, which would be too long for this post, I believe the order of events will be, birth pangs first, rapture second, tribulation third, Yeshua’s return 4th.

    A couple of pointers for you regarding what you posted earlier;
    “His name is “YHVH’s Salvation”, and there is salvation in no other.  Thus He is NOT ‘Jesus'”

    1: Why do you say ‘His name’?
    Hebrew scholars know that, paradoxically, although God is referred to as YHVH, He doesn’t actually have a ‘Name’. ‘YHVH’ is translated ‘Self Existent One’.

    2: Jesus the ‘Son’ is referred to in the very first word of the first book in the Tanakh, which is Beresheet (Genesis in Hebrew), as the pictograph for each letter that spells Beresheet can be read as;

    Son of God (Bar)
    Died (Shin)
    By his own hand (Yod)
    Upon a cross (Tav)

    So by who’s authority do you say that Jesus is not the saviour, when the first word of Genesis says He is?

    Your answer to this question should determine whether anyone else on this forum respond to you again.

  74. JohnHasse says:

    50penceJohnHasseI believe it is established that the name of the Savior is the same as the man who fought Jericho (Joshua) which is spelled Yod Hey Vav Shin Ein. (I perceive my transliteration to be reasonably accurate, and names are NOT to be ‘translated’, and if His name were to be translated, it would be to ‘YHVH’s Salvation’.) I base that on a number of points, among them that the two names seem to have been mixed in acts and also Hebrews.   Further, it seems clear from scripture that YAHUSHUA kept Torah and taught others to do so.  Obviously it was not according to the teachings of the Rabbis of His day, but He affirmed that He did not come to alter the law.  It is my perception that the ‘Christians’ do not respect the Torah, so they do not seem to be following Him.

    • My Jewish brother’s why do you fear The Son of God’s return? Us Christian’s have no fear and look forward to Jesus coming again. He is our savior who gives those who believe eternal life. He is the Lamb who was sacrificed to save you the sinner so that you can have eternal life with him in his father’s house

      • No one sounds fearful to me on this post. Some christians need to have some fear, because when Yeshua returns, He will open your eyes to the beauty of obedience to Torah. Be mindful that scriptures say when He is ruling and reigning in Jerusalem that any of the nations that don’t make the pilgrimage there to observe Sukkot will not have rain. Hmmm…Sukkot…better read the old testament to find out how to observe that…sounds like it’s going to be a requirement. Apparently it wasn’t done away with as many in the church believe. Mashiach, Yeshua, said in the new testament “if you love me you will keep my commandments.” What commandments do you think He was talking about? And does it make sense for a God who “never changes” as the scriptures tell us, that Yeshua would leave his throne in heaven, come down to us here, to change the very law He put in place from the beginning? No…it does not make any sense.

        • Clay you better be carful, you are making way to much sense, that is a very down to earth explaination OH how about those things last FOREVER & they NEVER go AWAY……great job my Bro.

      • I think you is the most fearful!! Nobody is afraid, but you imposing your doubts, fears etc on others. And as usually… on Jews!! Thank you, but I am not afraid at all! I believe in God!!!

      • Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

        I do not know how many of us are here on this list; but, I am a Messianic Yehudim. As you can see by my name, I am a Jew, born under the Law, and saved by Grace.

    • To:JohnHasse. How can you claim that we Christians do not believe or follow or do as the Torah says? We certainly get instructions from the Torah and it is essential to the whole Bible—without it it the Bible would be incomplete. Does your interpretation of doing what the Torah says, mean to do all the ceremonies and religious rituals to the letter and somehow that will save you? Why then we would be no different than all the other religions of the world who think that they can save themselves by doing all their rituals. Doing what the Torah says is not doing all the ceremonies literally to the letter! If that were the case then for almost two thousand years no observant Jew could be saved because the Rabbis have not been washing themselves with the heffer’s ashes and thay have not been doing the daily sacrifices of the lambs. Remember, if you can’t keep one of the laws then you have broken them ALL as a whole! You are guilty and don’t deserve Eternal Life. The Laws of the Torah are insurmountable—-nobody can keep them to the letter, therefore no one can be saved by them. Its purpose is to give you the tools of Faith, and to force you to look UP, to seek help from the only One who can give you mercy for your sins. Just like the snake was raised in the desert so that the ones who were bitten by the vipers (sin) would be saved by looking UP to the only ONE who can save them (Meshiak, Yeshua, Jesus, the Lamb of God). God established the Mosiac Law so that people would be made aware of their sin and therefore ask God for mercy. All the rituals and ceremonies were intended to be pictures of what to do spiritually in our daily life: to seek Him, to enter into His Sabath, to serve him and sacrifice daily our lives by staying away from sin, the lusts and joys of the flesh. // Read at the very bottom of this blog section a story that I submitted which illustrates the problem of worshipping the pictorials instead of following their teachings. ~Cloudman or MD.

    • Blog Roadturn 4
      To:JohnHasse. How can you claim that we Christians do not believe or follow or do as the Torah says? We certainly get instructions from the Torah and it is essential to the whole Bible—without it it the Bible would be incomplete. Does your interpretation of doing what the Torah says, mean to do all the ceremonies and religious rituals to the letter and somehow that will save you? Why then we would be no different than all the other religions of the world who think that they can save themselves by doing all their rituals. Doing what the Torah says is not doing all the ceremonies literally to the letter! If that were the case then for almost two thousand years no observant Jew could be saved because the Rabbis have not been washing themselves with the heffer’s ashes and thay have not been doing the daily sacrifices of the lambs. Remember, if you can’t keep one of the laws then you have broken them ALL as a whole! You are guilty and don’t deserve Eternal Life. The Laws of the Torah are insurmountable—-nobody can keep them to the letter, therefore no one can be saved by them. Its purpose is to give you the tools of Faith, and to force you to look UP, to seek help from the only One who can give you mercy for your sins. Just like the snake was raised in the desert so that the ones who were bitten by the vipers (sin) would be saved by looking UP to the only ONE who can save them (Meshiak, Yeshua, Jesus, the Lamb of God). God established the Mosiac Law so that people would be made aware of their sin and therefore ask God for mercy. All the rituals and ceremonies were intended to be pictures of what to do spiritually in our daily life: to seek Him, to enter into His Sabath, to serve him and sacrifice daily our lives by staying away from sin, the lusts and joys of the flesh. // Read at the very bottom of this blog section a story that I submitted which illustrates the problem of worshipping the pictorials instead of following their teachings. ~Cloudman or MD.

  75. JohnHasse 50pence 
    That’s right. There’s a correlation between Joshua’s name and Jesus’ name. And there are many amazing mysteries that we could discuss about that (“Before Abraham was I AM” for example.)

    I would also agree that many Christians don’t appreciate the Torah, which is a big mistake! After all the only ‘Bible’ the New Testament apostles had was the  Old Testament.

    • Jesus is the Son of God and he lived on earth and died on the cross to save us from our sins.
      Therefore there is a new covenant. Jesus set us free from the Law of Moses.

      • Jesus – Yeshua – was a Jew. The perfect Jew, actually. The law of Moses is perfect, just as the scriptures say. There is no reason to be “set free” from a perfection. You need to gain an understanding of Hebrew. As 50pence says, “the only “bible” the new testament apostles had was the old testament.” What scriptures do you think they are quoting in the new testament? The old testament, of course. When Yeshua returns, He will set all of this “under the law”, “nailing the law to the cross”, etc. business straight. Many christians are in for a surprise…

      • Hi Sharon.

        Allow me to refine what you’ve said…

        Jesus set us free from the ‘Ritualistic Observance of the Law’ not the ‘Spirit of the Law’. As far as the spirit of the law is concerned he put them on steroids with His sermon on the mount speech. He did this to contrast what Humans think is righteous (outward displays of righteousness) to what God sees as righteous (what a man is ‘thinking’ – given that thoughts proceed actions).

        Does a man use foul language if he thinks it but never says it?
        If I swear in my mind, I’m a swearer. Because God sees and hears my thoughts.
        If I lust in my mind, I’m still watching porn. God sees the images as clearly as I do.

        This illustration makes me throw my hands up in the air and ask “Who can measure up to God’s standards”. And this was the problem with the Law. Nobody can measure up to it. But Jesus did. That doesn’t make the Law bad or useless. But it does mean that through Jesus we can measure up to the Law because we have Jesus as a representative saying before the judge:
        “Your honour, I know he stuffed up again. He’s sorry and I’ll take the punishment for it”. And that makes me so happy.

        But with regard to the ‘ritualistic observances of the law;

        When He was crucified:

        -The ensuing earthquake tore the veil in two, signifying the democratisation of the Holy Spirit. The Ruach Ha Kodesh wasn’t restricted to being in the Holy of Holies
        and Temple activities were no longer required.

        -His shed blood signified the end of animal sacrifice

        -Having carried out His mission we can go directly to Him rather than a High Priest
        and he’ll forgive our sins daily (like a defending lawyer) rather than annually.

        Essentially, the Old Testament Laws were Pre-cursors, Stage-rehearsals, Types and Shadows of what was to come. God knew that nobody could measure up to them, but made provision through Jesus (who as Ron Nolan has said) appears many times in the Old Testament.

        • I read your comment, and I do believe you are spot on in all points made, and we do have the GREATEST advocate in CHRIST JESUS and HIM CRUCIFIED, we will meet when we are CAUGHT UP IN THE CLOUDS, I pray for a safe departure from this wicked world for yourself and all who have accepted JESUS, be safe& keep the KING OF KINGS close to your heart, your brother in CHRIST – dan.

        • DonnaLynn Lanning says:


          I have been a Christian since I was ten and I am now 42, but you have explained things in a way that I now understand what I never had before. Thank you.

      • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

        Then why did he command us to obey the commandments? I would just like to know. The statements you make are not in agreement with His words. You are apparently disobedient to His Word.

    • To @50Spence: That assumption that Christian do not use the Old Testament is inacurrate, for the New Testament is composed of mostly the Old Testament scriptures and their interpretation. Without the Old Testament, the New Testament would be empty, except what Jesus said, and the again, He was also quoting the Old Testament, the law and the prophets. Have you ever listened to the preachings of David Hocking, David Jeremiah, and many others? They constantly preach using Old Testament scriptures. You are misinformed that Christians ignore the Old Testament and you have not researched on your own to reach your own conclusion. Listen to some Christian preachers and you will be surprised of their use of the Old Testament. ~Cloudman.

  76. check out these things…………….

    1) The forced framework “peace agreement” being shoved down the throat of Israel by the U.S. State Department (and this will be seriously enforced by Passover, 2014)
    2) The prophecy of Rabbi Kaduri years ago that he saw the Messiah before his death and he was shown that Mashiach would come soon after the death of Ariel Sharon
    3) The public announcement in Israel that Sharon is now near death
    4) The coming blood-red moon of Passover and 4 blood red moon tetrads…

    look up for your redemption draws neigh……Praise YAH!

    • You definitely nailed it down, the 7 year countdown commences!

      • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

        Not yet. The peace treaty between the so called Palestinians and our peope has not yet occurred.

    • Richie Franklin says:

      Read what else Kaduri supposedly wrote about the Messiah.

      1: “Messiahs spirit has already attached itself to someone in Israel”

      2: “When Messiah appears and reveals himself,people will be surprised and say ‘what?… him?!'”

      3: “the non religious will find it easiest to accept Messiah”

      Have you ever looked past the typical christian pre trib rapture wet dream and ever thought that Kaduri might be talking about the appearance of antichrist,rather then the real Jesus?

      the way Kaduri describes the ‘messiah’ sounds nothing like how Jesus said he would return.What if your rapture doesn’t happen before the antichrist,and we’re here in Daniels ‘week’ just like everyone else?

      • Yes, really, the coming of the Messiah will be a glorious postribulational event, and not a mysterious presentation at some place:
        Matthew 24:23-27
        23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
        24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
        25 Behold, I have told you before.
        26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.
        27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
        28 For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.
        29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
        30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
        31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

      • Richie, what is the source for the other writings to which you refer? Please share it.

      • Very smart observation. Very!

    • What are the RED MOONS, and why should we be aware of them ? I understand there are going to be 4 this year on GODS HIGH HOLY DAYS, Is it a sign in the Heavens ??

  77. Ron Nolan says:

    I would say to 50pence and JohnHasse that Jesus is found in every book of the Torah or Old Testament. Many Jews miss this and the bible address’s why in both the Old and New Testament.

    Ezekiel 12:2 Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying, 2″Son of man, you live in the midst of the rebellious house, who have eyes to see but do not see, ears to hear but do not hear; for they are a rebellious house
    Jesus restated this in Mark 8:18 Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear?

    Here are just a few Old Testament Passages for you to think about.

    The christian teaching of the Trinity is found in the first chapter of Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let US make man in OUR image

    In Numbers 2 we see God arrange the tribes of Israel The tribes march around the desert for 40 years in the Sign of a Cross http://www.ldolphin.org/camp.html

    In Exodus 17:6 God paints a story that first the rock would be smitten by Moses and life giving water (or salvation) would come forth.
    God then tells Moses Numbers 20:8-12 to Speak to the rock and water would come forth. So first the Rock would be smitten then we would speak to it and receive salvation. Instead Moses struck the rock in Num 20 and destroyed Gods illustration and for this he was banned from entering the promise land.

    In Psalm 22 we read of Jesus death on the cross hundreds of years before crucifiction is even invented.

    Daniel 9 predicts the exact day Messiah would enter Jerusalem. (Complete break down – http://www.alphanewsdaily.com/mathprophecy1.html

    Micah 2 Says the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem

    Isaiah 52:13 -15 and Isaiah 53 foretell of his torture and rejection by Israel and his death among thieves.

    Zechariah 11 12-13 that he would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver and the money used to buy a potters field

    Zechariah 12:10 when the lord returns Israel will look upon the one they pierced.

    These are but a few old testament teaching of Jesus as Messiah. Every book in the old testament or Torah teaches about Jesus if you take the time to look. One never even has to open the new testament to see it.

    This is why Christians believe John 3:16 was Gods gift to mankind.

    • nancy anne gentili says:

      Amen….even so, come Lord Jesus!

    • 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
      Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.

  78. I support what Richard posted, as someone who grew catholic, attended catholic school, and after studying and noticing the differences in translations and interpretations of the OLd testament, I can support his idea that the Vatican, edited the Torah and the Zohar for their own sake, and made a new religion in order to have power over everybody., with that religion they killed jews during the crusades, the conquest or the Americas and even helped nazis to escape.
    Judaism holds the truth from the very beginning until our days.

    • Dissociate says:

      The Roman Catholic Church did indeed pervert the scriptures “for the benefit of their own church” but what they were unable to change was the bible itself and the RCC’s Lords prayer verses the bibles’ Lords prayer is a good example.

      • riverboat says:

        But the Church, historically, recorded and compiled the scriptures of the New Testament. The Septuagint being the authority for Old Testament.

    • You are very decent soul!! Thank you!!!

    • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

      Obtain for yourself a copy of a Jewish TaNaCH. If you get a Christian Bible, you will only get the bias of the Council of Nicea of 325, which later became the foundation for the Catholic Church of Rome. A very good version is the Stone Edition. Your local Jewish boutique should have one, or be able to refer you. I would tell you the web site of a distributor; but, I don’t wish to be accused of hawking for any dealers. Look up Jewish dealers on the internet.

  79. Dear believers,

    It would be more helpful that you listen to the prophets themselves rather than the false prophets. No man knows the day or the hour, the end of this system of things will come like a thief in the night.

    • The test of a prophet is whether or not the prophecy is true, Michael. It doesn’t appear that Kaduri set a date … only that Sharon’s death would signal the return of the Messiah is near.

      Some interpret Jesus’ own prediction about His return to mean it would happen before the generation who saw the rebirth of Israel as a state “passes away.” We are certainly within that time-frame.

      One thing is for certain: His return is near, in a sense, for everyone — and has been since he left. Life is brief. Whether He comes to you, or you go to Him … that time won’t be long from now.

      • I think Jesus Christ was the last prophet, I only mark his words as truth. What I know for sure is that all of us will be caught off guard, and we are to treat every day as if its the last.

        • Michael, we should not be caught off guard. Matthew 24:44. Roadturn is right. We are given bits and pieces of the End Times puzzle, and there are people who are given the gift and two of them Malachi (the last pope) and Rabbi Kaduri have given us some pieces of the puzzle. The third Temple will be built (they’re working on it now) and the Antichrist will do the abomination in it. Global warming (signs of the end) is giving us this horrible weather. It cannot be denied.

          • AMEN AMEN AMEN. that is so correct!!

          • Who is building the Third Temple??? It is new to me. I wish— Amen!!!

          • As of this moment, the Temple is not being built and cannot be built until a “Peace Treaty” is finalized, in which it authorizes the re-building of the Temple. However, the preparations are under way and even the “sacred Temple vessels” are already being produced. Even the plans are rumored to be ready. Keep reading the news about Secretary of State John Kerry, who has a deadline to get it passed by Passover, April 15th, 2014, (which will also be Lunar Eclipse; see the 4-blood moons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_d-PBMLVYs ), Check out http://www.templeinstitute.org for more details of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem what they have already prepared. This is an excellent piece of the puzzle in regards to end-time prophecy. It is also a sign of the soon invisible return of Jesus Christ, who will first to snatch-out, or “Rapture”, or “Harpazo” the Church. // Rabbi Kadury’s prophecy about Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s passing away, is certainly looking like the timing is right-on with other events that also point to the soon return of Jesus, our Blessed Savoir and God Almighty.

      • I dont think Kaduri said the Messiah was coming back, he said the Messiah was coming… He never claimed he met the crucified and risin Messiah Yahshua. If he did he would have stated that. I believe that the adversary was trying to set the Jews up to accept the false Messiah who is to come before the true Messiah. The Jews don’t wake up until the end…I know who The King is and I pray that people will stop looking to men for answers and trust that the God of Heaven and Earth, Yahwah has everything under control.

        • Yesss thank you from clearing that up, I had to tell my mom the same. Kaduri is telling the world that the Yahweh will lift of Israel…..this will be the ANTI CHRIST. Jesus has already come and he will surely come again!!

        • Absolutely True!!!!

    • There are a lot of things to watch for, the dividing of the LAND of Israel. All nations coming to hate the Jewish STATE. The daily sacrifices a lamb in the morning and evening on the Altar…. not sure of a 3rd Temple, the 2 witnesses are goingto close up the heavens, no rain for 42 months, no weapon formed by man can hurt them…they are like JEDI-Masters…after they are killed by Anti-Christ they are left in the streets for 3 days people are scared of them even in death. And the Whole World has a party sending each other gifts….Then the 2 witnesses arise from death,and fly away, and the world sees it all in HD on TV…..All this I.ve said to let ya’ll know there are still lots of things to happen and maybe we do not know the DAY or HOUR, We can know the season and it should not take us by surprise….anyone heard of A MARK that we will be forced to use to be able to BUY or SELL…..Yes the END TIMES are coming ….

  80. Ariel Sharron has passed away now Mashiach will become known be aware that the translation of the Hebrew name of Yeshua is Joshua not Jesus
    As that is a Jesuit name I speak Hebrew and Aramaic. Joshua is comming again to fight . There will be lots of turmoil in the world of all the Christine’s factions amongst them selves, Catholics,protestines,Mormons,Jesuits, 7 day evantuists, Jehovah witnesses, Amish, coptics,babtist,
    Methodists,Arminians,puritins,evangelists,Methodist, the whole Christine world just like the Arab world is to day all this written in the book of Ezikial ch 15 we will see the whole world fighting against itself. Are you all ready

  81. Rest in peace Mr. Sharon

  82. Ye Holly Spirit, teach us to be prepare for The King. so, we’re not late for the time. Please my Yeshua….let us understand Your plan and Your wisdom. And let us beware for all misleads..hold our hands and faith, so we ready for Your coming….

  83. Talmid HaMashiach says:

    we must remember that a false ‘mashiach / messiah” will also appear before the return of HaMashaich / The Anointed One of G-d. Jesus is simply the English transliteration of the Septuagint i.e. Greek translation of the, Tanach i.e Hebrew Scriptures / Old Testament. Yes Joshua is the English translation of Y’hoshua / Yeshua (YHVH) saves. In the Targums i.e. Aramaic writings of the Tanach the word “Memra” was denoted for the WORD / LORD who has no beginning or ending this is also Yeshua HaMashiach (Yochanan / JN 1:-4). I teach Messianic studies to Jewish and gentile believers as well as anyone else who desires to know Messiah in prisons. I am a Messianic Jew as were the original Talmidim of Yeshua i.e. students of the Master teacher Rabboni Yeshua!

    Baruch HaBa b’shem ADONAI / Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the LORD!
    (Mattityahu / Matthew 23:37-39)

    • A big question I have, Talmid, is about the ability of Rabbi Kaduri to know real from unreal and truth from a lie. From what I read of him, he was an honest, humble, seeker of Truth … a man after the Father’s own heart.

    • I agree with this word, I would be interest in hearing much more…sister Kay is also spot on in her testimony… A good forum for truth/torah

    • Excellent explanation!! We, Jews, already had false Messiah. Name in Hebrew , which is Jesus by Latin and English, is not self explanatory.We will wait and see.

  84. Sheryl stinchcum says:

    Paul followed the law of Moses. See Acts 21: 24. Stephen followed the law of Moses. see Acts 6: 9 thru 14. he was FALSELY accused of not following the law. Gentiles who were new to the faith we’re encouraged to go to the synagogue on the Sabbath and hear the law of Moses read. Jesus fulfilled the sacrificial system. Jesus is the Lamb of God. Jesus is Greek for Yeshua, His real Hebrew name. once we are saved by grace, we are expected to follow God’s commandment s. Yeshua and Paul spoke against man made rules, not the law of Moses.
    regarding the Gentiles and the law of Moses, see Acts 15: 19, 20, 21.

    • Amen sister! You hit the nail on the head! God bless you.

      • I want to ask only one question. How come the Christians were killing Jews for 2000 years, including Holocaust??? Was Jesus approving it????

        • Christians killing Jews for 2000 years, including Holocaust ??? I believe that you are misinformed. Look up the word ‘Christian’ in the dictionary – His yoke is easy and His burden is light 🙂 !!!

  85. I wish I can post a picture here from Yacov Rambsel book: Bible code. Jesus is my name is coded in Isaiah 53:8-11. And other verses.
    Starting from the “yodh” in “ariyk” which means “he shall prolong”, we have “Yeshua Shmi” at 20 characters equidistance in reverse, which means “Yeshua is My Name”. Passing through the letter “shin” of Yeshua we have “Mashiach”, in reverse, at 42 characters equidistance.

  86. There is one thing I would like to point out. Jesus was Jewish and did observe the Law of Moses prior to his crucifiction when He became the fulfilment of the Law as the final sacrifice and the last High Priest. Of course He observed the law prior to the time that He completed His fulfilment of it. We as followers and believers have the spiritual Law of God in our hearts and when Christ comes for us we will be made perfect.

    • Ummm the Spiritual Law of God is the Torah (Law of Moses). Paul even says that the Torah is spiritual (Romans 7:14). We uphold Torah by our trust in Yeshua (Romans 3:31). We should conduct our selves as if we were ones being judged by Torah (James 2:12). And if we keep the perfect Torah, that gives freedom, then we will be blessed (James 1:25), because faith without works is dead. In the end, it will be those who forsake Torah that Yeshua will say to, “I never knew you”. It’s just as John says, that we show our love for God by keeping the commandments (1st John 2:3). God’s commandments are not burdensome (1st John 5:3).

      • The words of Jesus speaking to his disciples as recorded in JOHN 15:10

        If ye keep MY commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my FATHERS’ S commandments, and abide in his love.

        Jesus instructs his disciples to listen and follow his commandments in order to abide in him (Jesus).

        • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

          Kay, you can’t have it both ways. You seem to be straddling the fence. Either obey the Law as given to Moishe, AS YESHUAH COMMANDS, or believe that you only have to believe in an unseen spiritual law, that has nothing to do with Yeshuah ha-Mashiach.

      • Alessanra says:

        Hey Dalton,

        We are children of God, we are righteous in Christ. We do not follow the Torah and or the Law of Moses it is fulfilled when Christ crucified. We cannot boast of our works Ephesians 2:9. You got it all wrong. “Jew” means a resident of the land of Judea and it is referred to as a religion. Believers in Christ is not from a “religion but faith. Most Jews do not believe in the Messiah Yeshua so Torah is not to be followed by believers in Christ. Only Scripture. Done!

        • Alessanra … I’m a bit confused. “Torah” refers to the first five books of the Bible … it IS Scripture. I guess you mean Christians are released from the demands of the Law?

          • I agree there Don. Paul (Saul of Tarsus the Rabbi come disciple of The Rabbi Yehoshua), even said himself, “Be it known unto you…by him (Jesus) all that believe are justified from all things, from which you COULD NOT BE JUSTIFIED by the law of Moses.” (Acts13:38-39). The Law of Moses cannot justify us in the sight of God, because if we break one commandment we are guilty of all. But Jesus Christ fulfilled all the Law as some have already said here. Only God in the flesh could have kept all the Law of Moses. Jesus is God who came in the flesh, that He might bring us to God.

    • Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

      He only fulfilled the laws concerning the Sacrifices. All other commandments were never abrogated by Yeshuah. That is why He said to “Obey the Commandments.” Matthew 19.17; and, “If you love me obey my commands.” John 14.15. Only Paul says to take the Law as “…no affect…”

  87. Jesus Christ has paid the price for all my sin and yours. He is the High Priest and has the authority to forgive our sins. As long as our spirit abides in Him and we remain repentant of our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us. He fulfills the requirements of the law in our place as long as we believe, repent and abide in Him spiritually.

  88. Rabbi Kaduri may not have specifically said the Messiah is Jesus of Nazareth but that’s exactly what everyone initially thought he meant or they wouldn’t have reacted they way they did. Interesting that Jesus of Nazareth would be the first person to come to mind for thousands of Jews. Perhaps God is trying to tell his people the truth about Jesus if they will open their spiritual ears and listen.

  89. Moishe YossL says:

    Kaduri wasn’t refering to Jesus. His disciples were outraged that somebody could think that. They
    said Kaduri used the jewish orthodox way of refering to Jesus using the denomination
    “that man” because they would not pronounce his name ,as a way of rejecting any recognition of
    Jesus . The name Yehoshua is a common hebrew name and doesn´t have to be meaning Jesus. Yehoshua is also the name of the jewish leader that led the Jews after Moses’ death . Why couldn’t
    Kaduri mean him?

    • John Francis says:

      Moishe, search the the Holy Writings. Who else in HISTORY could they be referring to??? Jesus was a Jew and a Rabbi, all his followers were Jews. Every writer of the New Testament were Jews except one. Paul who wrote the most on Jesus and his teachings was one of the most highly trained Jewish scholars of his times. Jesus is written about throughout the Old Testament. Just to mention one: Likely the clearest prophecy about Jesus is the entire 53rd chapter of Isaiah. Isaiah 53:3-7 is especially unmistakable: “He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth.”
      There is too much evidence proving he was who he said he was. Check these out.
      Read more: http://www.gotquestions.org/Old-Testament-Christ.html#ixzz2qWx0M2xq
      Please see: http://christianity.about.com/od/biblefactsandlists/a/Prophecies-Jesus.htm

      • Good stuff, John. Thank you.

      • Excellent 🙂 Thank you :)!!

      • Stella Barbut says:

        St. Paul went to the third heaven and met somebody. Couldn’t have been Jesus if St Paul is the same man Saul, because Jesus met Saul on the road to Damascus, introduced Himself and told him what to do. Saul did what Jesus told him to do and he was accepted by the Apostles. St. Paul, on the other hand, dissed the Apostles, Peter, James and John ; referring to them as ” so called pillars ” after his return from the third heaven. He also made some uncomplimentary remarks about Moses and the giving of the Ten Commandments. St. Paul is the father of Christianity.

        • Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

          No, Paul (not saint) is not the father of Christianity; he is the father of Paulianity. Yeshuah never established a new religion. He only gave new guidelines to follow what He gave to Moishe on Har Sinai.

        • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

          And a heretic and Anathema to the Lord.

    • Actually an interview with one of Rabbi Kaduri’s former talmid shows that the talmidim of Rabbi Kaduri believed also that Yeshua was the Mashiach. I’ve read the note. The name on the note is Yehoshua. There is not mistaking it. Only the stubborn and hard hearted deny the facts.

    • Oh ye of little faith ??? Choose to believe 🙂 !!!

    • Yehoshua is a bad translation of the real name of the messias YAHSHUA.YAHWEH_SHUA. Yahweh saves you. YAHSHUA is teh correct name, and it means the messias, so the Rabbi was talking of the Son of God, The messias that is about to return.

      • Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

        As I told Ray above, there is no “W” in our language; therefore, it cannot be read as Yahweh_Shua. If we are to take your attempt at a pronunciation, then it would either be Yahveh_Shua, or Yehovah_Shua. In any regards, the Rabbi was correct in that He is Ha-Mashiach.

    • Barbara Kay says:

      Dear Moishe,
      We know that one of the languages our Moshiach spoke was a dialect of Western Aramaic. Yeshua is the Aramaic form of Yehoshua. Anyone who questions this should look at the Aramaic dictionary at the end of the standard Brown, Driver and Briggs Lexicon where the word Yeshua can be found listed as an Aramaic word.
      Yehoshua is the Hebrew word for Joshua is the Hebrew form of Yeshua. Parts of the Tananch are written in Aramaic like Ezra 4:8 through 6:18, 7:12-26, Daniel 2:4 and 7:28; Jeremiah 10:10-11; Genesis 31:47, What is the Hebrew translation of the Aramaic word Yeshua? The scriptures answer by translating the Aramaic word Yeshua in the Aramaic passage in Ezra 5:2 with the Hebrew word Yeshoshua in the Hebrew passage in Zechariah 6:11-12, which also says that this Yeshoshua is a ‘sign’man and his name is Tzemach (Branch of Dovid, a code name for the soon to come and sprout up (even suddently, out of dry ground, Moshiach. So, the Moshiach’s name is Yeshoshua/Yeshua, not an either/or but a both/and in the Orthodox Jewish Bible/Artist for Israel International Publications NY, NY the decision was made to use the Hebrew form of Moshiach’s name rather than the Aramaic form.
      There are so many scriptures throughout the Tanakh about Yeshua for the evidence for the reliability of facts about Israel’s Messiah. Sometime before 500 BC Daniel proclaimed Israel’s long awaited Messiah would begin his public ministry 483 years after the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem,
      Daniel 9:25-26. He futher predicted Messiah would be “cut off”/killed prior to the second destruction of Jerusalem. Abundant documentation shows that these prophecies were perfectly fulfilled in the life and sacrifice of Yeshua. The decree regarding the restoration of Jerusalem was issued by Persia’s King Artaxerxes to the Hebrew Priest Ezra in 458 BC; 483 yrs later the ministry of Yeshua began in Galilee. Remember that due to calendar changes the date for the start of Moshiach’s ministry is set by most historians at about 26AD. Also note that from 1 BC to 1 AD is just one year. Yeshua’s Sacrifice occureed only a few years later, and about four decades later, in 70 AD the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus.
      In 700 B.C. the prophet Micah named the tiny village of Bethlehem as the birthplace of Israel’s Messiah. Micah 5:2 This is a widely celebrated fact in history. 400 yrs before crucifixion was invented, both Israel’s King David and
      the Prophet Zechariah described the Messiah’s death in words that perfectly depict that mode of execution. Further, they said that the body would be pierced and that none of the bones would be broken, contrary to customary procedure in cases of crucifixion. Psalm 22 and 34:20 Zechariach 12:10. Again, historians and
      the Brit Chadasha writers (all Jews) confirm the fulfillment that Yeshua of Nazareth died on a Roman cross and his extraordinary quick death eliminated the need for the usual breaking of bones. A spear was thrust into his side to verify that he was indeed, dead.
      If you want to visit with me, please contact my email and we will discuss so much more. My Jewish lawyer husband research 3 years to prove Yeshua wasn’t the Jewish Messiah promised to Israel. He studied the Talmudic writings and the Tanakh. He said “Truth can withstand the Light of Scritiny.” That was 23 years ago. I encourage you to read Isaiah 53 about Yeshua’s sacrifice for His People Israel’s sins. Yeshua is indeed Israel’s Cohen Gadol and the Prophet Moishe told his people would come and they should listen to him and heed all that He would tell them. In Isaiah 48:16 Yeshua spoke this to you. Draw near unto Me and Shema/listen. From the beginning (bereshis)(Genesis) I did not speak in secret.
      From the time anything existed, I was there. (Creation) And now the Lord God has sent ME, endowed with His Spirit. This aligns with Deuteronomy 6:4 Shema Israel, Adonai, Eloheynu, Adonai, Echad. He is telling you his nature. He is ONE composite unity.
      I Feel that Yitzhak Kaduri saw Yeshua before he died. I believe his prediction about Sharon is accurate. We are living in the days of Isaiah 28 and Israel has been reborn in her land. Jerusalem has been given back. These were Isaiah’s last prophecies. Amos last remarks in Tanakh said Israel would never be uprooted again once she was reborn. We are seeing the last four blood moons for the next 500 years. They have been falling on Passover (Thefirst of God’s Moedim) & Sukkot (The last of God’s Moedim) Zachariah 14 says all Israel will see Him return and put His feet down on the Mount of Olives with a hugh Earthquake occuring.
      Sharon was laid to rest with an earthquake occuring the day He was laid to rest in the Land. Sharon died THIS YEAR. He said Messiah would return soon after Sharon died. The Four Blood Moons that were over Israel in 1492 as Spain Persecuted Her fell on Passover and Sukkot two years in a row. In 1948, as Israel was in the period of establishing a statehood the Four Blood Moons were overhead on His Moedim again two years in a row. In 1967, as Arab Nations attached again
      this new statehood,, there were four Blood Moons on God’s Moedim overhead two years in a row on His Moedim. We are living in the last four blood moons of the Century. Three more to go. All occuring on Passover and Sukkot. It will be 500 years before another Tetrad on God’s Moedim will occur. Yeshua said the generation that saw Israel Reborn would see His Return. Joel 2 said that He would return during a Blood moon period with solar/lunar eclipses happening. NASA has confirmed these Tetrads and their occurances on the Biblical Feasts.
      Why would this Saduri make such a claim about the one the Prophets foretold of
      in the Hebrew Scriptures is it were not true?
      I hope this is the beginning of finding how accurate and Faithful Your Scriptures and Your Lord God of Israel is to His People and His Land. Blessings, Barbara

      • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

        Barbara –
        First, you are wrong as to all the writers being Jewish. Neither Mark nor Luke were Jewish; and the name of the rabbi that made the connection to Yeshuah ha-Mashiach is Kaduri, not Saduri as you have written. Since the time of your writing, three of the “Blood Moons” have passed. One is left next month on the 28th of September (the 15th of Tishrei, 5776). One other thing for all of you out there.
        A single moon is just the appearance of one Blood Moon – there are four Blood Moons to each Tetrad. Each Blood Moon is not a tetrad. A tetrad is all four moons. As for the writings of Joel, look to the TaNaCH. The subject of the Blood Moons in truth, in the TaNaCH, is in Chapter 3 of Yoel, not as the Christian scripture says, in Chapter 2. That is why I always suggest a believer buy a TaNaCH approved by the rabbis, one put out by Feldheim Publishers, Mesorah Publications, or the Jewish Publication Society, to go side by side with your Christian Bible (there are others out there, I just can’t remember their names.).
        As for a Jewish take on a certain scripture, I am always available for discussion. I love and use the Stone Edition TaNaCH, the NIV Christian version of the Thompson Chain Bible. I maintain a number of study Bibles (Dake, Thompson Chain, The Companion Bible, and a few others). My Christian versions range from the KJV, NKJV, Amplified, Tree of Life (made for Jewish believers), three diferent versions of the Prophecy Bibles, of John Hgaee, Jack VanImpe, and J.R. Church, among other versions of the Bible. in addition to four different versions of the Torah/Chumash, for study. I am more than willing to look up things in the Talmud (as soon as I get all of the volumes together and in numerological order.). I have a copy of the Babylonian Talmud, the most accepted version published.
        Unlike those who say e-mail me, and do not publish their e-mail addresses, mine is olingergallegos@msn.com. I am open to being e-mailed. I won’t take any trash e-mails, and if that happens and gets out of hand, I can change e-pmail addresses in a flash. I am open to all believers (I do not claim to be a Christian nor an expert), I rely on the Word of haShem and prayer for answers and direction – not commentaries of men. They are biased personal opinions.
        I am a Believer in Yeshuah ha-Mashiach, I am Yehudim born under Torah, blessed by the Grace of Mashiach due to His crucifiction and resurrection; but, according to the command of Yeshuah, I try to obey Torah. Where I am deficient, I know that I can go to ha-Mashiach with a repentant heart, and know He forgives me.

    • That is right on the mark my friend. Yehoshua is in fact the correct way to say the name Joshua. Joshua inherited the power to lead Israel from Moshe.
      No the scriptures do not mention “jesus”.

    • Dear Moishe Yossi….God told Moses that another prophet (Deut 18) would some like unto him (Moses), whome He would raise up. If that prophet had have been Joshua, it would have been made abundantly clear at the time. But no inference is made of Joshua as being ‘that prophet like unto Moses’. It has to be some other.
      Jacob centuries before prophesied of a time to come “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come, and unto Him shall the gathering of the people be.” (Gen 49:10) neither Moses nor Joshua were of the tribe of Judah. Shiloh is a reference to the promised Messiah. Messiah has to be of the House and lineage of David, for David is the first of the kings of Israel from the tribe of Judah. And God promised him a continuous line of kingship (1 Kings 8:25).
      So why not Joshua son of Nun of the tribe of Ephraim? …the prophets say why not. God bless.

      • Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

        Joshuah son of Nun and Zerubbabel are the Two candlesticks spoken of by both Zechariah and Revelation.

  90. Hi,
    You may be interested in these videos.


    God bless you!

  91. Furthermore read Psalm 78: 1 and 2

    Give ear, o my people, to MY law: incline your ears to the words of MY mouth. I will open MY mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old:

    We are instructed in this old testament Psalm that to know and follow Gods law we are to listen and follow the words of the one who speaks in parable, who is none other than Jesus Christ ( there is no other so well known to speak in parable). We keep the law of God by obeying the words and abiding in Jesus by the Spirit.

    This instruction was given in this Psalm 78:1 &2 and confirmed by the words of Jesus as written in John 15:10

  92. Hi everyone! This isn’t the time to fight against one to another, in order to prove how much knowledge we possess over the other. And this isn’t the hour to rely on our knowledge and understanding. This is the time to seek the Holy Spirit to reveal the mind of God to us by revealing the truth in God’s Word giving us discernment to differentiate the lies of Satan from the truth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    In the last days, one won’t be able to discern the difference without the Holy Spirit of God. If you need understanding of the truth and what’s happening around us today, you need the Holy Spirit, and to have the Holy Spirit is to obey the book of Acts 2:38 – “And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

    Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to help in this world. Matthew 24:24 – “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

    We need to fast and pray for God’s help and mercy. Studying God’s Word will keep our hearts steadfast in the truth. The Bible says in the books of Luke 19:41-42; Luke 13:34-35;Romans 11:25-26, though truth is revealed, most Jews would remain blind to the fact that Jesus is their Messiah until the very end. But how can a jew, or any other person discern the truth without accepting Christ first, then baptized in His name to receive the Holy Spirit? Is by having faith in the son of God through the word of God.

    John 20:29 – “Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed : blessed are they that have not seen , and yet have believed.”

    Finally, anyone who doesn’t confess that Jesus Christ is the son of God is the antichrist. The antichrist isn’t just one main leader, it’s “whomever” does not confess and accepts Jesus. 1 John 4:2-3 “By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; and this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world.” 

    I pray that we are encouraged, read the Word that we may not be deceived by false signs and wonders, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, that we may receive the gift of the Holy Spirit of God who’ll comfort us in truth in this end times. Jesus also said: “These things I have spoken to you while abiding with you. But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you” (John 14:25-26). 

    God bless!!

    • The helper is not the holy spirit.there is not a single word in the originals, saying helper, but it reads intercessor. An intercessor is the Elijah that will come,not the Holy spirit.

      • Bonnie Parvino says:

        My Bible tells me that we have only one judge advocate with the Father & that is Jesus, the one that was born in Nazareth…>When Jesus was crucified, the temple curtain was torn from top to bottom, signifying that the Holy of Holies could be accessed because of the sacrifice of the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus….I have not looked up these scriptures, but it is easy for one to do. Elijah was a very Holy Man but he was not Jesus…It was Jesus that died & claimed victory over death by His Resurrection…One can look in the tomb of Mohammed & they can find possible remains (possible teeth)..One can look in the tomb of Budda & find possible remains (bones etc). But if one looks in the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth there is total life, no death & complete victory over death, no bones…no teeth…There is only one sacrificial lamb….That is the way it looks to me…Bonnie Parvino

        • I thank you all so much for printing my views & I am sure that others thank you for printing their views…God gives me poetry as answers to the questions I ask…The poem is much longer, however, May I proceed..
          EXPECT GOD TO ACT—for He is your one & only source.
          EXPECT GOD TO ACT—there is victory for you in due course.
          LET INTEGRITY & UPRIGHTNESS preserve your very soul.
          LET THE LOVE OF GOD go with you & make you LION OF JUDAH BOLD.
          I am a born again Christian & I verify that it is wise to pray for the peace of Jerusalem & to stand with the nation of Israel as best I can. I know no rank, no power & no position, however, God has defended Jerusalem & Israel because we pray for them & he has blessed me with many things because I love Israel..Afterall, he promised to bless those that bless Israel & to curse those that curse Israel…As long as I can I will do my best to bless Israel and God’s people, the Jews, all over the world…It is with love to all that I say–I am Bonnie Parvino, a Christian & a follower of Jesus of Nazareth.

      • Patricio, Elijah is not able to be in every place at the same time, where every believing Jew or Gentile is. Only God can be in all places at the same time as He chooses. Faith was speaking about “Hagios Pneuma” (Greek) for Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost, who is the Holy Spirit of God the Father. He is equivalent to the Spirit of the LORD or the Ruach Qodesh in Hebrew.
        Both Hebrew and Greek languages clearly identify the Holy – Spirit of God; and the phrase in English ‘Holy Spirit’ or ‘Holy Ghost’ is quite appropriate.
        And Jesus Christ of Nazareth calls this Promised Holy One – “(A)nother Comforter” (John 14:16). If anyone falls down and is unable to get up, they call out for help. If anyone is going to help they must draw alongside. This is one idea behind the word for comforter that Jesus uses (John 14:16). Thus they become a helper and at the same time an intercessor.
        David, Israel’s great King as with a number of other notables like Moses, had the Ruach Qodesh in them and upon them. Today all God’s children by faith In Jesus Christ may have and ought to have the Holy Spirit both in and upon them. As Moses said of old to Joshua, “Would that all the LORD’s people were prophets” (Num 11:29; see also Num 27:18; Dan 4:8; Pro 1:23; Joel 2:28).

  93. Remember that all we say here has been said before for generations by millions of faithful who aren’t alive anymore. What do I mean? Let’s not speak as if we know for sure; as if we know better than others or as if we have the Truth. Humbleness in our comments re. God is key to continue expressing our needs for generations to come. Most people of Judeo-Christian faith want to see the “end” now or as soon as it can come while we are alive, but so all the others before us, and the others before then, and so forth back to the first Jews and Christians. They all said the same we are saying now.
    People are so desperate to see what the Bible promises that we miss to see our neighbor in need. God is in him. God is in everyone. God comes every day in our children, our spouses, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, prisoners, poor, rich, in all, but we miss Him because we want to see the invisible, the One Who doesn’t need anything from us when those in need really become invisible to us even when God, or Jesus or the Eternal, is in all of them. Let’s be humble. God comes every second to all of us in all in need.

    • Servant of Yahweh says:

      You must pardon my feelings here, but what you actually describe in my view is humanism. Because, no, its isn’t true, and even quite always far from the historical, truth, that there was ever a time like this in all of recorded history.
      When was Israel ever back in the land before 1948?

      As well, I would also say that you are quite and truly wrong in your statement “People are so desperate to see what the Bible promises that we miss to see our neighbor in need.”
      No, I think its fairly obvious that people are quite worried about the Great Tribulation and how they will be able to survive getting through with their faith in Yeshua intact, or without taking the mark of the Beast. As well as, I see your other statements in this vein as being humanist, because our Lord Himself taught us that the poor you will always have with us. And, from other things He also said, we should put our own soul’s salvation above all else. As a matter of fact, according to Our Lord’s own words, its those who are not looking for the day of the Lord, but say “the lord delays his coming” who will mistreat their neighbors, not the other way around.
      By the way, God is not in everybody: that’s basic hinduism. Think a moment here: were that to be the case, we wouldn’t have any sin in the world, or murders or robbies, abusiveness of others weaker than ourselves, or any other Ungodly conduct. And Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, do not worship the same God either. Well, I could go on here, but as I said, you statements are humanistic and humanism is not only opposed to God, but is a direct and Satanic replacement for the true God of Scripture, IMHO.

    • FallenNowFree says:

      Well said

  94. Because we are living in the last days, many signs like the blood moons, Malachy prophecies of the popes, and the Kaduri not are now coming to light. This could very well be a sign that either Messiah is coming soon, or maybe it was the antichrist who Kaduri mistook for the messiah. Time will tell. Now that Sharon is deceased, even more credibility is added to Rabbi Kaduri’s predictions….

    • Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

      What we need to watch for is the peace broker for Yisrael and the Arabs. Then, we will know who the AntiChrist is and the beginning of the Seven years of Tribulation.

  95. Servant of Yahweh says:

    Many will likely not want to hear this, but a carefully reading of Rabbi Kaduri’s message will show he spoke of Two different Messiahs and not one. There’s the Messiah whom Christians know as Jesus the Son of God that the Rabbi said he met, in a vision, and the other flesh and blood Messiah which Yeshua revealed a portrait of which the Rabbi later taught to his followers, so the would know to expect the unexpected.
    That Christians themselves are not expecting a flesh and blood Messiah is a given. but the only problem with this non-flesh and blood scenario is that the Jews are indeed expecting a human Messiah: one Ben Joseph.
    Though this scenario strains Christian credibility to the max, still though, there is the little problem of the other 10 Tribes who have never returned as all the prophets predicted they will. And one like Moses is expected to be God’s chosen Servant to bring them all back, which is how they will know how to recognize their coming Messiah.
    The apostle John has told us that he heard the number of the returning House of Israel which he listed 12,000 from each of those tribes as 144,000 and all this heavily freighted with the typology of the 1st Exodus, of which Isaiah said there was to be a great return of the House of Israel to the Mighty God.
    Therefore, if Dr. E.W. Bullinger was right and the Church of God is not the subject of the book of Revelations, but Israel is; and what we see scheduled on the calender of the Lord is the coming kingdom of God, and throne of David set up at Jerusalem and a scion of David, and anointed one, who will sit on that throne as the number one delegated Leader who will reign over the entire earth in the Millennium.

    And this great Kingdom of newborn spirits of the firstfruits…those 144,000 has run its course, then after the 1000 years of the Kingdom reign of David, then our Lord Yeshua will return to take His Bride with Him to His father’s house. But He will never set foot on this earth again, but meet His Bride in the air.

    This then, could very well be the reason that our Lord revealed the portrait of the flesh and blood anointed one which Revelations called God’s, or the Lord’s christ.

    • “there is the little problem of the other 10 Tribes who have never returned ”

      There is no way to document this statement, as the records were lost when the Temple was destroyed. However, it seems a reasonable assumption that all the tribes have returned and continue to return, as Aliya is an on-going phenomenon. What you refer to as a “little problem” is really no problem at all.

      • I am inclined to agree with you retiredday. Ezekiel was told by Yehovah
        … “I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows (10 tribes), and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, AND THEY SHALL BE ONE IN MY HAND…and bring them into their own land: And they shall be one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel…they shall BE NO MORE TWO nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all.” .” (Eze 37:19-22)
        What God has joined together let no man put asunder. God has made His people Israel (the two kingdoms) as one along with their land together as one.

        The Rock of Israel is pretty plain about this. It should cause no confusion.
        I never hear or read of any Jew saying they are from the tribe of Manasseh, or Isaachar, or Dan, or Benjamin, etc, Does any modern Jew identify themselves other than by saying that they are Jews? I know many have names like Cohen, and Levi – which may identify them with the tribe of Levi. Other than that…???

        Just as Ezekiel was told it would be, so it is. The Jews consider themselves as one people; with one ruler/President/Prime Minister; with one Government in one unified land on the mountains of Israel.
        This is wonderful, and indeed it is being fulfilled.

        But even moe amazing and beautiful thing about Ezekiel’s prophecy is what comes next….”Neither shall they defiled themselves ANY MORE with their idiols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions: but I WILL SAVE THEM out of all their dwellingplaces, wherein they have sinned: so THEY SHALL BE MY PEOPLE, AND I WILL BE THEIR GOD.” E. 37:23 (emphasis added)

        This is yet to be. AND IT WILL BE SO. Israel…behold your King comes…every eye shall see Him. And all the tribes of the earth shall mourn over Him…and they shall look on Him whom they have pierced.

        May the Rock of Israel, bless and save utterly His people.

        • Salvation the Door to Heaven says:

          I love Rabbi Kaduri, he most definitely knew I wasn’t sure I was myself. My birthchart is a star and one with 72 degrees in each angle for each name of God, there is also a Star of David as well. I wrote this to the vatican and got the usual response, now I’ll go back to the sons of Abraham. My gentile blood gave me the semblance of faith that I would be received with open arms, I guess I’ll need jealousy to work this magic, well here’s the secret of secrets, do with it what you will. All I want is to give this away, get you all out of my hair and lead a normal life as the Earth turns into Heaven again. I really don’t think you guys want to miss out on another Messiah. So here is the answer to the greatest riddle of all time, solved with no help other than that of God.

          The antichrist was Paul explained below
          the 7 headed beast are the energy centers in the human body
          along the spine and on the crown of head, I can prove this to you in 20
          seconds with a tuning fork, the energy centers have a vibration, my
          approach is scientific-spiritual like the Egyptians but serves one God
          (you misinterpret them as polytheist, because the priests hid the truth
          to maintain power, however Akhenaten founded monotheism and taught
          Moses). Nobody can slay the energy centers because they don’t have the light to solve the riddle of the 7 headed beast (the human body without a spiritual connection to God). Nobody can consciously access the crown fully and reach heaven in life. However I have solved the riddle by will of god. You need a vital ingredient to the tree of life. People have been trying to reach it without God’s will, and a thirst for God doesn’t drive them. The whore are the false secret sellers and the corporations that our politicians allow to poison our spiritual centers with chemicals and food (demons) People used to be able to reach heaven consciously and there are a few who still can. I have found the light that you need to access all 7 and see a vision of heaven. You will have sight. The ancient Egyptians word for
          star meant gate, time has perverted the meaning of everything.
          Apocalypse meant revealing, virtues meant an order of angels. They said heaven only opens 2 days a year, yes 2 days a year you can access this when the gates open, which might occur every few thousand years and remains for a few thousand years. I don’t know how the pole shift will come into play with it. Evil is the era when the gate is closed. My
          birthchart is available on my youtube, The video isn’t done below but u can fast forward it and go to my channel or youtube for more pics.


          I am connected to the gate by the positions of the planets, a sacred
          gate. The Egyptians were crazy about the stars(gates) because of the
          bright and shining morning star. A bright and shining morning star is a
          helically rising star that rises with the sun, it suspends itself on the
          horizon during that morning. So here is how to access the gate, you
          need to be in a subconscious sleep state, set your place of rest east
          west, set your head east, feet west, let the light of the dawn of the
          day when the star helically rises with the sun come into your room and
          hit your feet, walk up your body, enter your heart, and once it makes
          the light rise through your crown you will see the vision in your dream
          of heaven. The mind will travel through the gate to heaven, that is what
          Christ meant by you will go through me. He was the messenger of the
          gate, the one who will always be in heaven no matter what happens to his mortal body he has a direct connection and is never alone. Totally
          invulnerable to the prejudice that people will give to his words. The
          dark time has ended, I will show you the egyptian hieroglyph. The dove
          used to be the snake to the Egyptians, it meant the chi power that
          climbs up your body when you’re felt with the holy spirit, it moves like
          a snake through your energy centers and when you go to god you’ll see
          chi is not your enemy and is the source of all love light and wisdom.
          Being in his presence when your light body and mortal body is clothed in
          a beam of light you will be beamed in your dream state to God and know
          he loves you all. Stop fighting over the shape of the pieces and put
          them together. Be careful how you read prophecy, the unrighteous leader who asks the prophet whether he should go to war and hears ” you will destroy a great nation” always ends up destroying his own. Search for the light in the bible and check this out


          I interpret this as: The much respected sleep mind flies traveling to
          the star(gate) through path of light, 2 other stars(gates) waiting to
          rise. Most of you blew it last time, this time you better believe me or
          you’ll get no light of dawn. Little prophet humor for you =D

          There was a quote the other day that moved me “You can light a thousand candles from a single one without shortening its life.”

          This quote blew my mind because just before I watched Rabbi’s Kuzari class where they told a story just the other day about a king who was trying to choose which of his three sons to succeed him, he gave
          them each $1000 and told them to fill a room entirely with something,
          the first two traveled far and wide picked salt and sugar but still
          could not quite fill the entire room. The problem was the door opening.
          The one son who appearing quite lazy and unimaginative stayed home and did nothing at all. His turn came to fill the room and he took a .50
          cent candle and a match and filled the room with light. The king was
          very moved and felt shame for ever doubting his son.

          The first picture on the page is my seal a star(gate)- the kingdom of heaven is always within and around you. This gate was formed by the planets aligning into a star- the wise men could not find Christ with one star, they needed a date place where the star is visible and time. Whether you do this thing I ask which can’t hurt you or your dreams you will still go to heaven. However God gave us the best of both worlds while alive, so I suggest you try sleeping under the morning light like this with an open mind around the morning of May 1st– may the light be with you. My name means precious stone in Aramaic. Those who go to heaven will see they need never fear death. Do not stumble past this one.

          Please also research the
          phenomenon of the uncanny valley, the sight of a dead body produces
          negative responses and desensitizes them, Christianity is conditioning people to be uncaring by showing a dead gate to the world, but I do not doubt his rising! Not to mention the fact that I absolutely LOATHE idols and the commerce and lies that surround them.

          The Muslims listened to their prophet. The antichrist was shown a vision
          and defeated at the road to Damascus (Paul the murderer of Christians), but his interpretations of Christ’s teachings live on. (suffered a vital wound and was reborn) Come on people connect the dots, at least Mohammad the uneducated prophet wasn’t killed by the sons of Ishmael, he was respected.

          So my question is this, what will you do now that I have told you the
          secret? Judge me by your worldly standards of what I should be?

          Before I leave you let me say that this wasn’t easy, picture working backward from 5000 years of 20+ translations and 5 different connotation per possibly wrong interpretations. This is the largest game of telephone in human history, even Jesus and the other prophets didn’t know this though. Egypt suffered what is known as a pole shift / memory loss, they lost the secret to heaven and didn’t even know what their many gods meant (a different god for each different dimension, but really just 1 true god, it was borderline idolatry and definitely idolatry after the tower of babel memory wipe/pole shift) or that is the theory anyway.

          Another thing I have to say is a quote and explanation of the lies Christianity has spread in God’s name, all sorts of bogus miracles, really sad. Here is proof of the water into wine miracle being taken out of context, also a valuable lesson on prejudice you must read before judging me.

          I’m not mad at you, I will never judge you in heaven as
          much as man judges each other. Here is a little article about
          pre-judgement that was kept from the masses. Prejudice is an
          ancient evil. People need to wipe the stain from their reflection of

          Jesus said to his disciples, “Compare me to someone and tell me whom I am like.”

          Simon Peter said to him, “You are like a righteous angel.”

          Matthew said to him, “You are like a wise philosopher.”

          Thomas said to him, “Master, my mouth is wholly incapable of saying whom you are like.”

          said, “I am not your master. Because you have drunk, you have become
          intoxicated from the bubbling spring which I have measured out.”

          he took him and withdrew and told him three things. When Thomas
          returned to his companions, they asked him, “What did Jesus say to you?”

          said to them, “If I tell you one of the things which he told me, you
          will pick up stones and throw them at me; a fire will come out of the
          stones and burn you up.”

          I’m just wondering if he’s a prophet of me telling you how to beam up, my name does mean stone…

          First of all Thomas was proven
          worthy of the sacred teaching because unlike the others, he understood
          how nothing else is like Jesus, and that he cannot judge him. The others
          would have judged him if he told them what he told Thomas and thrown
          stones at him in anger. Second of all, water into wine, straight bullshit, I don’t blame you for not believing in me… but I think I was a little pissed about the being nailed to a plank for doing nothing while a murderer is set free sorta thing. That violates all sense of 10 commandment righteousness and you deserved what was dealt, last chance by the way, this star is the last gate I know of, you can’t kill that which informs you, I still won’t deny you your right.

          I never told you my bloodline information, ok, one last thing, I cannot affirm that I am descended from David through Christ. I do look a little Jewish but I have blue eyes and gentile blood. My line as far as I can trace goes back to Admiral Comte Francois De Grasse born Bar-sur-Loup, France next to the town Mary Magdelene died. He was a Knight of Malta (took over guard of the royal line after the Templars). He was a page for the grand master until becoming an Admiral and performing a miracle to give the USA (leading sons of Abraham back to Israel in turn) sovereignty. His son was Napolean’s chief adviser (master?) and like his father a good friend of George Washington who may have secretly helped stage a coup dethroning the king when Francois was court marshaled for losing a battle, however the Protestant king of England treated him like an honored guest when captured. Napolean would find the Rosetta stone, integral to my research. My grandfather liberated Dachau and my grandmother helped work on the atomic bomb. I am capable of both salvation and destruction, and the vatican has so far insulted me without reading this far.

          One day I was exhausted, my mother on her death bed, I collapsed on a bed in a different room than usual and without closing the blind. I slept so well and when the light hit me in the morning I had seen a miracle and knew how it happened, God cares for even me, a sinner, born from a natural mother. Being in heaven is like as follows, you are clothed in light, left speechless overwhelmed with the glory of what you’re witnessing. There is a giant mountain with a throne in the clouds, with a huge light being. If you go here you’ll become so much more like God. You feel like you’re in a beam of light mixed with dense loving energy, like light saber denseness, I couldn’t believe at first I wasn’t on fire it was energy flowing through me, healing energy! You don’t talk, you just know what he thinks and how he feels for you. There is nothing greater than God, I’m just a gate and a personality that even I hate, I wish I could love myself but I am sad for the world. I want them to experience this and know God, not believe. I’m giving you the formula for a vision and a miracle of the highest order in words alone. The tree of life needs light, you’ve been trying to do it without God’s blessing. Where does all of your energy ultimately come from? I’ve seen the source of all energy, chi and creation- in his presence to the brim will he fill your Kli with light. You will reach the highest level of enlightenment. You will be golden and know the inner most beauty and it will bring God glory and make him proud. Truth be told, you may not want to wake up, if you wake up you didn’t do something wrong, you’re just getting a sneak preview that is only available for what could be a short time, I’m increasingly growing concerned of the pole shift because of the memory loss theory. IF you need science to prove my words then check how the pineal gland (seat of the soul) responds to light. Oh by the way if Messiah means traveler then the Morning star is the true traveler starting out on his journey when it helically rises with the sun and sits on the horizon for a time, you have yet to see reality. Are you ready Neo?

          • You have been decieved by the phylosophies of this world. Trying to access heaven through any other means other than through God’s plan, is false and will lead you to destruction of your soul. Any man seeking power through eastern meditation and not through prayer, is meddling in witchcrafts and doctrines of demons. Read the Bible from “start to end” and believe that it is the word of God, the Truth; or else you will be left out of God’s kingdom. Seek God Almighty, and obey His Word or else you will lose that which you seek. I hope you seek out the truth and be saved! ~Cloud-man.

          • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

            As for you, Salvation the Door to Heaven, if you stay on this track, you will surely be condemned. As you have been told you spew that which is from ha-Satan. You know not whom your salvation rests. It is Yeshuah ha-Mashiach, and none other, for He alone is the saving grace of this world. No gates, no Thomas and secret sayings, none of the Satanic trash you have spewed forth. I will pray for your soul, that you may accept ha-Mashiach of Yisrael. Only He can clear your eyes from ha-Satan’s lies. Be open to His reception and acceptance.

      • Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

        Yeshuah said “Obey the Commandments.” He said this in numerous locations in the Gospels. He never said to disregard the Torah. Only Paul said to disregard the Torah. He contradicted ha-Mashiach. There are other things in the TaNaCH that deal with the Deity of Yeshuah, none of which refer to Him as the Son of Hashem (God). Read Yeshayahu (Isaiah), Chapter 43 and 45. There are many things in the Gospels that contradict the TaNaCH. I do not doubt the Deity of Yeshuah, I doubt the Son of God references. Hashem told Yeshayahu, that He (Hashem) would not share His glory with another, and that He alone was the “Saviour” (Mashiach). Yeshayahu was a man anointed by Hashem, and given a message that cannot be refuted. As to the “rapture”, it is never stated that believers would not go through the Tribulation, JUST that they would not experience the wrath of Hashem. Paul states that the dead would rise first. That first resurrection is identified in Chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation, verse 5 and 6.

      • To Retiredday; God knows exactly to what tribe each of the Jewish bretheren belong to. Even science is now using DNA testing and can tell you whether you are one of Jewish decendence and of what tribe. That is part of the latter day’s increase of knowledge that the Prophet Daniel wrote about. -Cloudman.

    • The Good Rabbi s vision was correct. How so. In mid december 2012, Lucifer launched a pre emptive strike against the Vessels of YWVH S PROPHETS. two Talmud demons (As described by. The Angels who failed to guard me) along with Lucifer himself, broke.
      my neck while i slept. Yeshua. In al lHis Glory appeared along with His Angels. Yes, He is the Son of God, OF GOD,with only His Father YWVH above Him. Their Grace is perfect. Lucifer lied when asked what happened to me.(“he was walking,the fool tripped and broke his neck”) Yeshua rebuked my angels,then he gathered them to him as they grieved. Another group of Angels sang (“We foretold this would happen, it happened, Behold.”) All concerned seemed resigned to the fact that there was nothing they could do for me. Suddenly there was a brilliant light, a massive voice asked,” WHO MURDERED MY PROPHET?” Then again ,only much louder, and directed at Lucifer,”WHO MURDERED MY PROPHET….DRAGON…..DRAGON!!!!!!!!! God knew, lucifer knew he barel6 escaped being consumed by The Word Of God. He quickly blamed his demons, and administered their punishment with a severe beating, they screamed as all three of them disapeared. YWVH mildly rebuked His Son,” Why did my rest have to be disturbed.” Yeshua, in His Perfect Grace, accepted the rebuke,refusing to blame my guardians. GOD then said to Him,”BRING HIM BACK……CHANGE TIME.” Yeshua coaxed me back gently. Next thing I knew I was standing in GOD s
      Magnificant Light. There is nothing on Earth that comes close to standing in HIS Light, I bowed down and listened, something told me it would be offensive, and totally dangerous to look up into HIS Holy Light. YWVH SPOKE, I LISTENED. THUS SAITH THE LORD;” YOU ARE MY PROPHET, I. WILL RAISE YOU UP ABOVE THE. OTHERS.”

      I was nt excused just yet, there seemed to be an emergency,everyone rushed back to Heaven,i seemed to be swept up along with them. All was chaos, Lucifer used YWVH S short. absence to rise up against Heaven itself. 3veryone rushed in to battle the fallen ones. GOD asked, “WHERE IS REMI?” Remi or Remiel, cheered on by the other angels, rushed into the violent , melee,it was beyond description. It took YWVH S own interdiction to turn the tide against the Usurper. The Word of GOD obliviated the demons,” I CONSUME ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!” What was left of them retreated, lucifer along with them. Heaven had been defiled by their presence, many angels perished, including Remiel. The physical body of Yeshua was badly mauled, i could hear angels mourning, His Perfect Soul and Grace remained intact,Praise GOD! My instructions were repeated,then I was back on Earth. I am officially off limits due. To GOD S intervention, I ve heard their remarks, thats him,thats him. I still have to deal with renegades,my angels guard me very well now. I am GOD S Annointed Prophet, by HIS SPOKEN WORD AND INTERVENTION. I have died, and been resurrected by GODS own command. I am no longer of this world, I walk in The Spirit of God. YWVH FIRST , BRETHREN SECOND, ME LAST.

      • Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

        There is no such personage as YHWH. It is YHVH. There is no “W” nor “J” in the Hebrew

    • Micah ben-Yehudah says:

      Servant of Yehovah, as there is no Yahweh, for there is no “W” in our aleph bet.
      As for the 144,000 returning from each of the tribes, again you mis-read the scriptures. These members of the twelve tribes are being sent “out” into the world and in Eretz Yisrael, not just as returnees, but, as preachers of the Word. they will be knowledgeable of the TaNaCH and the Brit Chadashah. They will be greater than Billy Graham. As for those who will spend their time in Heaven during the Millenium, that will be those raised in the first resurrection. Not the 144,000. Better read the scriptures without biased commentaries of men. Just the scriptures.

  96. Why did God allow the temple to be destroyed? Is it because Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice and that no more animal sacrifices are needed if you believe in His work on the cross? Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man can come to the Father except through Me”. The veil was torn in two, from top to bottom when Jesus died, symbolizing that there was no longer a separation between God and man because of what Christ did for us. Believe and you will be saved.

    • God Bless you Blaine !

    • Examine Freemasonry to the very top and you will see why. The temple was full of the conceit of man. There is no separate literal SATAN ever. However the essence of the archetype is the core of man. Desire. We always want more (even more God and more knowledge) we always OVER DO IT. The temple was a path to spiritual ruin that has actually been rebuild in the present age as the PERFECT demonstration of why it was a BAD idea. Back to Eden friends! Adam, by the way is not truly Adam. ‘Adam’ is OM-DA-MA and in reverse MA-DA-I. There is NO anti-Christ. It is REVERSE Christ. One favors the female principle one favors the male. These two are complimentary. They NEED each other. We ALL NEED each other. Without the love of ‘others’ how could any of us live even a moment? How could GOD. There are 2 commandments: 2 trees in the garden, 2 pillars in the temple, two open hands. But both can be combined as a third and senior TOGETHER. Love and truth together ascend as PEACE. This is God’s FACE behold it!. These oppositions are not binding. All is IN God. All is COMFORTABLE in God. Once we simply slow down and take the time to let it flow in our mind, slow and deep, like the waters of the river of life where we started this dream together so long ago. Finally there is no Armageddon either. All that is a imaginary war, in the minds of men and women who have lost their sanity because of hysteria. Observe me all of you. Raise two hands. All WAR ends at once and forever more. How hard was that?

      • To: OM dim, If you do not believe that there is a literal devil and demons, then there is no way that you can believe that God exists. You have been decieved by the phylosophies of this world. Read the Bible from “start to end” and believe that it is the word of God, the Truth; or else you will be left out of God’s kingdom. Seek God Almighty, and obey His Word or else your eternal companions will those who you claim don’t exist. I hope you seek out the truth and be saved! ~Cloud-man.

  97. The only difference between a prophet and a ‘normal’ person, is that a prophet ACTUALLY trusts people who have said such a thing that is literally TRUE. Actually believes and then sets off praying, and getting ‘nothing’ (continuously) but doesn’t give UP. What happens? Well the mind turns to this question of God. ‘God’ where are you? what do you look like? I can’t find you! KEEP LOOKING. You didn’t though. You quit! So that’s why you quote scripture which is like reading comic books about imaginary God, but it’s not God. It’ goes on and on and ON. But you can’t find GOD? But why? You have started having strange experiences. You can’t get GOD. There is weird business there is scary business. ‘Satan’ turns up first and LAST. That one is always there, because it is a projection of our own base nature (elsewhere described as original sin). look at these poor insane illuminati clowns and you see where that gets you! terribly confused. I’ve said TOO much. I really have. This is sacred it is secret. It is between you and God. I can’t teach it. Follow the LAW. Be good. Live life SLOWLY and appreciate it SLOWLY and you are guaranteed to find it.

  98. Does return shortly mean 1 year or 3 years to you? (Messiah’s Jesus Return)

    • Ailyn … who are you asking? Please provide the reference.

    • Just remember, it has to be Y’shua of Nazareth (Nazareth = BRANCH; Nazareth is also near Giddo, and the mount = Arma, therefore = Armagiddon)… it’s where Y’shua of Nazareth started His ministry, and where He’ll gain victory! Be careful of a Catholic Jesus, or Muslim Jesus… there are many “Jesus’ ” in the world, and they’re certainly not one Messhiach except Y’shua of Nazareth who lived and died and rose from the dead 2,000 years ago. Many will claim to be Messhiach: some people even claim Nelson Mandela is! And recently in SA we had a man claiming to be Jesus the Messhiach, and taking people’s pension money! The Muslims are waiting for their Hadji who will rule the world, and his name is – according to some Muslim Imam’s – Jesus! But his attributes are not Divine as Torah & Prophets clearly states, and according to them he will claim he’s not Allah’s son as Allah can have no son, and that he didn’t die! This false Jesus will deceive both Orthodox Jews (who believe Messhiach to be 100% sinless man, NOT DIVINE… they have forsaken the covenant as they had in Jesus’ day to the point that they crucified Him then – see Dan.11:30, and they will still reject Him UNTIL He shows Himself powerful in their midst!), AND he will deceive Catholic-Protestant Chrislam type “Christians” who too have violated the covenant by adding Pope & Luther’s words, subtracting thus from Torah. The problem is too, that this Jadji “Jesus” (in Arabic, not Latin), will have – according to Muslims – the power to cut a man in half and raise him up… so, don’t believe the counterfeit miracles… he will lie and break his covenants and desecrate the temple, etc. (Dan.11). We’re told not to add or subtract from Torah, yet by listening to man-made rules they’ve nullified the Word of God (i.e. subtracted from it!), thus they’ve forsaken the covenant. While Talmud has lots of very good stuff, there is just too much in it which contradicts Torah and Prophets… so also we should be careful of Kabalah, and Rabbi Kaduri was heavily into Talmud & Kabala. I’m not saying he didn’t meet the real Y’shua of Nazareth; I’m just saying, don’t get too excited, for the devil still has a lot of deception up his sleeve, and I won’t be surprised if the worst deception of all doesn’t come in the form of name-theft! Of course, after all: he claims to be Elohim, creator of heaven and earth, so why wouldn’t he claim to be Jesus?! Anything and everything has to be tested according to Tanakh, even Paul’s teachings, NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND. If it contradicts, either the translation is bad (which the English translations certainly are), OR we’ve misunderstood it because of 1,700 years of Catholic teaching hanging in our Gentile-Protestant brains/culture, OR, it’s false prophecy and must be tossed! In the case of Paul’s teachings, we believe it’s the first two, surely, as he certainly pointed people to Messhiach and Abba and Torah, not away from it… what he turned people away from was a false interpretation of Torah, just as Y’shua also turned people away from nullifying Torah because of man-made traditions. Nuf said!

    • Scripture says no one knows the day or hour of His return, but we can discern the season. See Matthew 24. The parable of the fig tree blossoming is symbolic of Israel becoming a nation. That happened in May 1948. That generation Yeshua Messiah spoke of is now in their late 60’s. The Lord said that generation would not pass away without all the signs He spoke of in Matthew 24 being fulfilled. Watch and pray beloved ones.

  99. Why so much mystery? A Jewish convert by the name of Paul/Saul as you most would be aware met the Lord Jesus on the way to Damascus. Well…we all know what happened after that event, no mystery, no secret notes, no holding out on the good news, no was or wasnt he. Paul boldly, assuredly and plainly claimed that Jesus is the messiah, no ifs no buts no coconuts. Pauls testimony was clear consice and would stand up in any court of law! The same cannot be said of rabbi kaduri, it has much doubt, witnesses disagree etc. The Rabbi should have been shouting from the treetops that Jesus is the messiah but alas he did not. He had a chance to proclaim to his many followers that Jesus is Lord…but he did not. The rabbis encounter with the christ had all the hallmarks of the new age christ and not the biblical Christ. See it for what it is.

  100. Peace be with the reader.

    Luke 12:36 And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will
    return from the wedding; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may open unto
    him immediately.

    Open this door: Believers Information Network

    The faithful witness

    It will be wise not to ‘moderate'(censor) this comment

  101. Keeping the Law has a total different meaning when you understand that Jesus did not come to abrogate the Law but rather fulfill it. Let me tell you a story: A long time ago in a southern Pacific Polynesean empire, a Kind King was informed that one of his largest islands, which had many people, suffered much sickness and plagues and were dying at an early age, because of their uncleanliness , lack of sanitation. The Kind King was devastated by the bad news and decided to send several of his servants to teach them what to do, and how to live life as their Kind King did, in order to have a longer life expectency. However, none of the servants knew the islanders native language, and he could not find anyone else who could speak it, either. So the king got his best artists and told them to draw multiple pictures as he would described them. First a picture of a man washing himself in the river and good food waiting for him on a table for when he got out of the water. Another picture of a long straight path throught an empty valley, and reaching all the way into the horizon. Then another picture of a mountain, people climbing it and going over to the other side. Then a picture of a beautiful building with amazing architecture, which had sculptures in the walls of happy families: children, parents, and their grandparents all feasting from the fruit of the land. The Kind King told several of his chosen servants to go to the island and to use the pictures to teach them how to live a clean life, to wash up their bodies, so as to stop the spread desease; to walk the straight path and live a straight clean life; to climb all obstacles and to give-up bad practices and habits. Then at the other side they would acquire healthy souls, less sickness, and they would be blessed by having longer life spans. They would be wiser, and would enjoy having their grand parents for a much longer time. He told his servants: Teach them that I will visit them in seven years, and that I expect to see them changed, to be more like me. However, if when I visit them I don’t see a change in their lives, then I will send other islander peoples to come to their island and take them away as slaves, to be taught the hard way. And only the ones who learn will be allowed to return to try again to repopulate the island. So the servants went to the island and after two years they returned and told the kind King that they were able to teach the islanders with his pictures and that they would be expecting his visit in five more years. They also brought some native islanders, so that they would teach him their native language; so that he could talk to them during his future visit. The five years went by and the Kind King now knew their language, so he decided to visit the island alone and incognito. He dressed as an islander from a different island and when he got there, he was appalled at what he found: something completely different than he expected! Immediately upon his arrival the islanders told him that he was not welcome because he was dressed differently. They told him that to become like them, he would have to follow their ancestor commandments: That he would have to get in the river, fight his way out, celebrate by eating a captured opponent, walk 100 miles on a straight path without food or water, climb up a volcano, push a captured enemy islander into the crater, climb down the other side, find a beautiful temple, and worship the pictures which their Kind King had sent to them delivered to their ancestors 7 years before. Then he would have to conquer the enemy islands, and only then could he be possibly considered and accepted to be their Kind King. They even told him that they were expecting their Kind King and that the timing was right for his visitation They also told him that they were following his picture guidelines accurately. They said that the pictures depicted happy families because the Kind King would visit them and would conquer all their islander enemies. The Kind King was appauled and told them that he was their Kind King and that he had sent the pictures seven years earlier, to teach them how to be more like him. He told them that the true meaning of the pictures was to save them from sickness and give them a longer lifespan. But they did not believe him because he was not dressed as a King and he had not brought all his armies with him to conquer their enemies. They gave him 3 years to prove that he was their expected Kind King while they still waited for their Kind King’s visitation. In the mean time, other islanders did believe that he was the Kind King because he talked like their king and he could give a detail and more accurate description of the pictures and the temple. After three years, they concluded that he must be an imposter because he explained the pictures with a different meaning than theirs; so they took him up a volcano and pushed him into the crater. On his way down he managed to grab a hanging rock and survived, though he was scarred from the intense heat emanating from the caldera. He crawled out, and met with his new friends, but he had to go away to his Kingdom Island, where he was being expected with anticipation. Now he had to do as he had said, and he sent the promissed judgement: enemy islanders who went to conquer the island, destroy their temple, take away the people as slaves, and scattered them among the many other islands. However he loved the islanders and years later he bought them back from slavery and replanted them back on the island to repopulate it. He then promised that one day he would come and live with them and secure them from all their enemies. // So what is the morale of the story? The Laws and Ceremonies are pictures which he sent through Moses and the Prophets, but the pictures somehow became the worshipped items, including the temple. Paul explained that the Laws and Ceremonies are foreshadows of what was to come. No one can keep all the Laws! And after you break one, you have broken ALL the Laws as a whole. The Laws and Ceremonies were given to give us pictures of how to live in the “Spirit of the Laws of God”. The Sabath was a picture of one day having His rest; resting in HIS ways that bring peace with God, resting in Jesus, Yeshua, forever, for HE IS the rest that we need in our hearts. We are to now worship Him every day for His Sabath resides in us–He is the Sabath! We are to do His will every day, and live a life worthy of being a bond servant (a willing servant or slave). The same goes for many other pictures that the Law and the Ceremonies depicted. Just like Jesus, we are to fulfill their true meaning in our lives, not making the ceremonies into the items or idols of worship, but rather as practices in our lives; living like God originally planned for us—holy lives (as much as humanly possible) honoring Him with our words, deeds, actions, our whole way of living. And His grace extends to us and covers our sins where we fail as fallen humans. That is what is meant when it is said that He paid for our enequities and by Grace justifies us before God, as if we were sinless people. The temple represents our body, and we must keep it a clean place where God’s Holy Spirit can reside in us. The Jewish leaders during the Mesaiah’s visitation, held the temple as more sacred than the sacred Messaish who was in their midst. They held the Sabath as more sacred than the true Sabath who was in their midst. The created became the worshipped instead of worshipping the Creator in their midst. That was because their life was far from God for they turned God’s Laws into religiousness rarther than a relationship with God. Let’s not fall into this trap of religion as more important than His ways of Love. Study the Laws and Ceremonies and see how they apply in our daily lives; and see how many of them point to the fulfilment of the Mesaiah’s visitation; and yet they missed it. ~Cloudman or MD


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