Each one teach one…

Developing a program is one thing–getting others up to speed with it is quite another. I think back to the really excellent teachers I have known… folks like Terry Shumaker and Donna Trent… and I remember that exceptional teaching is a special gift. For a few, it is a talent that comes naturally. For the rest of us, it is hard, hard work.

Getting started with Dream Into It is the most difficult part. I know how to describe the process, and I have seen notable results from the presentation, but making the program simple and accessible to groups of students is a challenge. Ideally, we could gather for a few days at a mountain retreat and focus on the process. Ideally, I said.

The reality is that our jam-packed lives are hard pressed to allow even and hour of pulling back to consider a new tool and a new way. Developing the Dream Into It habit pays off in powerful and incredible ways. I know that. Now, I want you to know that. Hmmm….

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