Notes from Les Brown, Debbie White, Julie VanPutten

These are random, but there are some gems enclosed. These are my condensed notes from a recent Les Brown training–part of which was an incredibly insightful presentation on strategy by Deb White and some hard hitting wisdom from Julie VanPutten.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Speak to the child that was you, bless the child that was you, love the child that was you.

Make your talk profitable, purposeful, positive and persuasive.

Make sure your actions/emotions/intent are congruent.

In two sentences, what is the heart/intent of your talk?

I’m telling you what I KNOW!

Time is not the most important resource… energy is (from Julie VanPutten).

Your habits create your future. Be mindful of your actions and your presence.

Make your message heartfelt. If they don’t feel you, they won’t follow you.

Do it to see it.

How could you not show up for yourself? Don’t ever let that happen again.

Use conscious intention.

Your voice matters.

When you stand, stand in a position of strength and power.

A handheld beats a lapel mic for sound.

Let us say together….

Have fun when you speak. Create positive energy. Laugh at yourself, whether they laugh or not.

Hold conversations on stage with yourself (remembrances) and others not present.

Show up, if you want to win… and work on it.

Deliver a heartfelt message… not cerebral driven. Your audience will remember the emotion… how you made them feel.

Intention drives attention.. what do you want? You can get nothing more.

Julie asked us to be introspective and completely changed the mood… if you had a microphone the whole world could hear… what would you say?

Show up. Be present. Be yourself. Be real. Drop the phony. Have fun. Commit to the process of change. Risk being uncomfortable.

Sales is a process of convincing others to get on your boat… the boat that will sail them from pain island to pleasure island…. most salesman only describe the boat… you must talk about the destination.

Always ask…. what is the purpose?

Don’t engage in tactics without first developing your strategy.

A strategist will crush the tactician every time… and most folks deal in tactics.

Know your market. Who will you speak to? What language will you use?

Tactics arise from strategy which arises from your core brand story.

Personify your ideal client. Give him a name and a life story.

Don’t try to sell the boat; convince the one in pain to get onboard and go with you to pleasure island.

Know: What will it cost them if they don’t say yes to your offer?

Story takes us to a place we otherwise could not visit. They evoke our senses.

Use the head to get to the heart.

Don’t assume that everyone knows what you are talking about. Never neglect to provide the foundational elements.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

You can release anything that does not serve you.

What did you bring that is special to you? How did you acquire it? What meaning does it hold for you?
Stop the monkey mind. Determine to be here now, regardless of what the monkey says.

Am I making sense to you tonight? (ask for audience response).

You are enough. Don’t be like a giraffe wearing high heeled shoes.

Come to the edge. We will push you and you will fly.

Serious, serious… interrupt with laughter.

In order to take your audience to the experience, you must re-feel it yourself.

Take them on a roller coaster ride… building and releasing tension.

Speaking is a profession that can be practiced every waking moment of your life.

First, establish credibility with your audience.

When you are committed to something, you will find a way.

Borrow credibility. Piggy back off the success of others.

90% of speaking engagements come from who you know.

Center yourself before you begin to speak. If you are scattered, they will not feel you.

What is in it for your audience? You must know and you must deliver. What are your two main points? Your job is to see that your audience gets it… your main idea is a thread that you pull throughout the presentation… it must be part of every point you make… wrap it as many ways as you can.

Never leave your greatness in the hands of others.


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    Notes from Les Brown, Debbie White, Julie VanPutten

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