It’s a Test…

Here’s a cool tool for entrepreneurs and digital marketers in general.

Want to make sure your readers are aware of a deadline coming up?

Maybe you’re holding a webinar and want to let folks know they need to get registered ASAP.

Or maybe a product is on sale… but the price is going up soon.

Here’s one sweet little timer

For my test, it’s set to countdown to the birthday celebration for someone special (better not forget that event). You can configure it to any end date and time zone you choose.

Here’s something else I like: You can set it so that someone clicking on the timer activates a hyperlink to another page (try it and see).

Other features: You can change the color of font and background. There are a number of different timer shapes to choose from. It has a stat feature with it… there’s a whole lot to like.

How can you get it? Well… you can’t right now. It’s still in beta. As soon as it is available, though, I’ll let everyone on my email list know.

How can you be sure you’re on the list? Click on the Timer .

How long does it take to set up a timer like this? About a minute…. wow.

Love it!

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