I attended Debbie White’s The Great Sales & Marketing Paradox webinar last week. As always, I was impressed with Debbie’s enthusiasm for, and knowledge of how, to get an entrepreneurial venture up and going strong. She is a gem.

But Debbie White’s cutting-edge work on sales and marketing–as sharp and powerful as it is–isn’t something I qualify for right now. How can that be?

A Dream Into It principle is that one will meet with a “success unexpected in common hours” by stepping out in the direction of his (or her) dreams. There is a prerequisite, though: the identification of that dream. And I’ve found it is necessary to stop here and there along the way to sharpen some facet of the vision.

Debbie is an expert, for example, at helping identify the customer. She has developed tools that will hone in on who you are talking to and why. Knowing the customer is indispensable.

Like with Dream Into It, though, there is a prerequisite: Before you can identify your customer, you need to know what business you are in.

That’s the Roadturn thought for the day (or week). What do I offer to others? What service or product do I have that can provide real value? For each of us, it is likely there are many possibilities and ideas we could develop.

It’s hard to ride several horses at once, though–and the person who chases two rabbits, says the proverb, will catch none.

Thank you to Peter Griffin for the photo.

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