You Are More

In my morning reading, yesterday, I came across a sentiment by “The Rebbe,” Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. In his typical hard-hitting and leaving plenty of room for thought style, the Rebbe said this…

If you would realize who you really are, you wouldn’t be so disappointed with yourself.

I got so much personal mileage out of the reading that I posted it on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, that’s when the misunderstanding began. My dear friend, Kathy, responded with a lighthearted “Are you talking about me?” quip, then I shot back a curt “Yes”… and the ensuing conversation, I’m afraid, just got increasingly mis-communicated.

Of course I wasn’t trying to dig at Kathy. I love her. She’s been my buddy since grade school.

To me, the Rebbe’s admonishment can be (and maybe should be) understood in two ways: First, that I am a scoundrel by birth (welcome to the human race) and it is not amazing when I “do the wrong thing.” What is amazing is that I sometimes get it right.

But there is a second way to take the Rebbe’s remark: I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am a son of the Creator, placed in this world so that I might learn and grow. My many mistakes are but the refining of gold. I am priceless to the Father.

So, tonight I was waiting for my wife and daughter, just sitting in the truck listening to the radio… when I heard this song. And it reminded me of my conversation with Kathy. And it reminded me of my own inability to grasp who I am. And it reminded me of the Father’s love.

Kathy… please don’t think I’m talking about you again 🙂

On the other hand …

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