The Roadturn Reboot – Tired of Starting Over?

Have you ever started something, but failed to finish it?

Have you wanted to lose weight and get back in shape for years… but just can’t get and stay on track?

You’re not alone.

Many, many, many people are in the same boat… including me.

That’s why I started the Roadturn Reboot. It’s my way of taking a stand, drawing a line in the sand, and saying “It’s one thing to fail, but quite another to quit.”

I’m no quitter.

Are you?

Never stop trying. Never give up. Don't sell yourself out. You can do it.Click To Tweet

Since you’ve visited the Roadturn website and you’re reading this post, I’m going to go out on the limb and say you aren’t a quitter either.

Good for you.

Stopping short of the mark is a sure way to lose.

Never giving up is a sure way to win.

You’re invited to join the Roadturn Reboot revolution. Together, we can do much more than any of us could ever do alone.

Logbook Notes: My BMS score for the day is 6. To get more info on what this logbook and that score is all about, visit the Roadturn Reboot Day #1.


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