The Roadturn Reboot – The Trap

I’m two weeks into this reboot, and there’s no turning back.

I’m fed up with lame excuses and foolish diversions.

This time, it sticks.

A Roadturn Principle is that you may thrive on something that is poison to me. I must pay attention to my own body, for instance, to determine which foods are helpful and which aren’t.

But there’s a trap.

Many times, the food I crave (sugar, let’s say) gives me an instant lift… but later let’s me down big time. Having a salad for breakfast isn’t often appealing, but those pancakes covered in syrup and butter sure look good.

One gives me immediate satisfaction. The other pays off over time.

That’s a lesson to ponder and remember.

food not to eat

Quick, Easy, Junk

Reboot Logbook Day #14

I was able to get a considerable amount of work accomplished today, but my snacking habits were a bit off-center. There were tortilla chips and Reese’s Puffs cereal on the kitchen counter. It was tough to turn to that little bag of carrots in the fridge…

Body – 2: I kept within the calorie count, but could’ve eaten better. I did fire up the Vitamix for a smoothie, but I didn’t take a walk. All told, I didn’t put out a whole lot of effort today.

Mind – 3: I studied the craft and exercised my critical thinking skills. Not a major effort, but certainly acceptable.

Spirit – 3: I started with The DEEP and ended with midweek service at Church. Some prayer, but no meditation, in between.

Tomorrow is another day. Lord willing, I’ll see it and I’ll remember to honor the temple I’ve been given.


Info on the scoring system I’m using and what this reboot is all about may be found here: DAY #1.

To get going with your own Roadturn Reboot, start by listening to this mp3 training: The DEEP.

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