The Principle of Hope

It’s hard not to think about Japan. The people there, always resilient and determined, are in the midst of a calamity that makes any of my worries seem trivial. There are real heroes there. Folks who are risking their lives to save others. Folks who are patiently enduring hell on Earth.

But Japan’s disaster was sparked by natural consequence. We live on a perilous planet… whirling through space at unbelievable speeds into the vast unknown of space uncharted. Fault lines, volcanoes, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes: None of us are safe. We pretend otherwise.

One would think, that given our common situation on this planet, we would pull together and support one another, that we would be kind and helpful as a rule. Some are. Many are not.

Even as Japan struggles to recover, others are working tirelessly to increase misery–to enslave others, to rob others, to murder others, to force their will on Earth. Wars, threats of war, famines, injustice and greed are rampant around the globe. Viewed through the lens of practicality, the situation is grim.

That is why a principle of Dream Into It is Hope in the face of despair. Hope does not concentrate on what is, but on what could be. Hope does not limit itself to the past, but moves eagerly towards a better future. Hope gives us courage to face whatever obstacles and challenges come our way.

Japan, I wish you a bundle of Hope.

Of course, the world received such a bundle about 2000 years ago… a baby, born in the backwater town of Nazareth. And the Book that is written about him ranks Hope as amongst the three greatest things on Earth… Hope, Faith and Love.

Japan. I wish you all three.

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