Should Women Wear “Yoga Pants” (Leggings) in Public?

Don’t laugh… this is serious… okay?

Out shopping today, I noticed something that made me think of a recent news story: Yoga pants.

Are they popular where you live? They sure are here. Yoga pants (leggings) are super tight and revealing.

Women are wearing leggings everywhere — not just to yoga class.

Seemed like every other woman I saw today had skin-tight pants on (though most were wearing a top that covered about half the “cheeks”).

This woman was crucified by the press for expressing her opinion…

Veronica Partridge wrote an article on her blog. She talked about her decision to STOP wearing yoga pants in public — she’s a Christian and she felt “convicted” about dressing like that. She wanted to show respect for her husband’s feelings as well.

God really changed my heart in the midst of that conversation and instead of ignoring my convictions, I figured it was time I start listening to them and take action.

This was on HER blog, mind you, and she didn’t start preaching that others should do the same. She just shared her own deep feelings.

Well… somehow the press picked it up, and they ROASTED the poor woman. The uproar was so intense she finally just shut her blog down (that’s my interpretation — all I can say for sure is it’s not live right now).

I read one of those derogatory “news” reports. That’s how I found out about it. Seemed to me the truth of the matter is that she was being persecuted for expressing her opinion (since it had a religious connection).

What do you think?

All of this set me to wondering: How huge is the difference of opinion about wearing “yoga pants” (or other form-fitting attire) when gender, age, and religion are considered?

In other words, would an older male Christian tend to disapprove, but a young female non-Christian be more apt to be in favor? I would guess so, but I don’t have the data to back that up.

So I set up a poll and I asked members of to chip in…

Here are the Results

I was a bit surprised at the responses — not the content, but the demographics. This was a short-term, limited invitation poll. I make no claims to this being indicative of anything other than the personal opinions of the 110 people surveyed.

Here’s how it panned out:

Gender of Participants:

  • Male: 73%
  • Female: 27%

Age of Participants:

  • Under 24 yrs: 9%
  • 25-39 yrs: 9%
  • 40-55: 18%
  • 56-70: 36%
  • 71 or wiser: 27%

Percent of respondents who identify as Christian: 64%

Should women wear “yoga pants” or similar tight-fitting pants in public?

  • Yes: 64%
  • No: 27%
  • Depends on age and marital status: 9%

Should women wear “yoga pants” or similar tight-fitting pants to Church?

  • Yes: 27%
  • No: 73%

What do you think? Are there any take-aways there?

A couple of things immediately jumped out to me: First, that almost two-thirds of the respondents were men. Given the majority vote for public displays of the feminine form, I’m reminded of a story I heard years ago.

I’m not sure that it’s true, though it came from a reliable source… and I’ll bet a poll based on a question like this would be quite revealing.

Do unto others, but don’t let them do unto you

Here’s what I heard:

Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, was being interviewed by a television journalist. Part of the conversation went something like this:

Reporter: Hugh, your daughter is going to be of age soon. Is she going to appear in the magazine or work at the mansion?

Hugh: (With a sudden pensive look on his face)… That’s one part of the Playboy philosophy I’ve not yet come to grips with. I don’t want my daughter to be a Playboy Bunny.

Said the one who passed this story on to me, “That is quite revealing. Hugh doesn’t want other men to look at his daughter in the same way he advocates looking at other mens’ daughters.”

My guess is that many of the men who think it’s fine for women to leave little to the imagination in public aren’t that enthusiastic when their own daughters or wives do the same. I know, that’s a rather prudish assumption… but I believe it to be accurate.

Go to church or BE the Church?

The other thing that struck me as pertinent is that the majority said it’s not okay to wear yoga pants (leggings) to Church, but it’s fine in public. That rubs hard against one of my primary spiritual assumptions: Christians aren’t called to GO to Church, but to BE THE CHURCH.

In other words, Christian behavior should be the same at the supermarket as it is at Bible study. And I believe there is scriptural backing for that statement.

Should a woman wear yoga pants (leggings) in public?

Okay, enough from me. Here are some of the remarks from others who participated in the poll:

I do not consider myself a prude. Nor do I subscribe to the belief that the way women dress can be used as an excuse for sexual assault and lewd remarks.

However I do believe that a certain amount of modesty in everyday clothing is important for both men and women. Any garment that outlines the primary sexual organs in public is inappropriate for both men and women.

Here’s another:

Personally, speaking as a man, I wish all women would wear yoga pants specifically when they go shopping. If I occasionally have the misfortune to find myself trapped inside a mall or a store of some other place where somebody is trying to sell me something, I could desperately use a distraction to ease the torture.

Speaking as a Christian, I see nothing wrong with how a person dresses; it is how a person acts that is important.

Speaking as a human being, I believe each person should have the right to choose how to act, and that includes what to wear, but to be respectful of those around them. Age and marital status should have nothing to do with it, although the precise nature of the woman’s relationship with her husband is something that she should factor into that decision.

And another:

I say a woman can wear what she feels good in (provided there is no accepted dress code). I see nothing wrong with yoga pants and I like wearing those myself!

One more:

I absolutely despise women wearing yoga pants in public. No one wants to see what those pants show, unless it’s an intimate affair, and I’m sure most yoga instructors find the assault of unattractive asses in those pants rather degrading to the practice of yoga. Did you really just get out of a yoga class?

Hold it.

Did I say I just got out of Yoga class?

Truth is, I love the physical/spiritual depth of practicing yoga. It can not only be a darned good workout, but a way of dropping the stress load and reconnecting to the Divine.

Seems to me Christianity could benefit by continuing to hold up the need for and value of personal prayer… but stop dismissing meditation as an “Eastern practice.”

I don’t know of any actions I can take more powerful than prayer and meditation. Get the body involved and you’ve an excellent body, mind, spirit workout.

(For me, prayer is talking and meditation is listening.)

I need to do a whole lot more of the second!

Don’t you agree?


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