The Roadturn Reboot – Getting out of Bed

Do you ever roll out of bed in the morning, hit the road running, and finally drop about midnight… wondering what in the world you accomplished today?

Boy, howdy. I sure do.

That’s why The DEEP is so crucial in my life. It’s a discipline that helps me daily remember who I am and what I’m doing. Without a bit of focus, I can get lost in a hurry. I stay busy, but I sometimes don’t get much done.

The Roadturn Reboot is mean to help fix that.

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I don’t advocate locking into a plan and refusing to be flexible. My faith prompts me to listen carefully for guidance each day and adjust my course accordingly.

Any project manager, though, will tell you it’s imperative to draw up a strategy, fill in the tactics, and aim towards a specific date for completion of any worthwhile task.

Do you have any projects you’ve wanted to see happen, but they’ve been languishing on the back burner for years?

I do.

Come join me on this reboot. Together, we can do much more than any of us could ever do alone.

Reboot Logbook Day #36

I’m backing off the format I’ve used for the first 35 days. By now, you’ve a solid picture of how I apply a score to my daily efforts in three primary categories: body, mind, and spirit.

Today, I’m just going to log my BMS daily tally: 7

To find out more about The DEEP, check this mp3 download: The DEEP.

To get more info on what this logbook is all about, check back to Roadturn Reboot Day #1.


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