The Roadturn Reboot – Deep Fat, Visceral Fat

The most dangerous fat you carry is not visible.

It’s not the fat hanging from your midsection, and it’s not the fat sagging from your backside.

The worst fat is wrapped around your organs. It’s known as “deep fat” or “visceral fat,” and scientists say it’s a factor in a long list of ailments… from heart disease to cancer, stroke, depression, and more.

The good news, according to Harvard Health, is that visceral fat responds well to two things: diet and exercise.

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Reboot Logbook Day #33

Thank God, I’m back in the saddle today and not pigging out on fast food.

Here’s the day’s tally:

Body – 3: I’m back on track with my diet and exercise plan. I could’ve exercised more, but today was definitely a three.

Mind – 3: I sat in on a 90-minute discussion by a teacher I believe in, and I worked to learn more about my craft.

Spirit – 2: I began the day with The DEEP and remembered to pray. No meditation, though, and that’s important.

No complaints. I’m headed in the right direction, and I learned from last week’s mistakes.

That’s a tough combo to beat.


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