The Roadturn Reboot – Not Too Late

“You’re not too old, and it’s not too late.”

I love that little paraphrased snippet from Rilke’s poems.

It rings with hope, revival, and promise.

No matter how out of shape, how stressed, or how spiritually zapped you are… you’re not too old, and it’s not too late to change your mind and change your life dramatically.

That’s exactly what The Roadturn Reboot is all about.

I’m doing it, and you can do it too.

Rilke quote on Roadturn

Reboot Logbook Day #20

Body – 3: I stuck with my eating plan, drank a fair amount of water, and got in a bit of exercise. Nobody accused me of over-exerting myself today, but hey… I did a whole lot better than I’ve done in the past.

Mind – 3: There was a moment or two when I got into the briars, but I studied my craft today and shared my life and thoughts with others.

Spirit – 2: Doing The DEEP keeps saving me here, but I sure need to step up and begin reaping the benefits of prayer and meditation. They are the two most powerful actions I can ever take.


Info on the scoring system I’m using and what this reboot is all about may be found here: DAY #1.

To get going with your own Roadturn Reboot, start by listening to this mp3 training: The DEEP.

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