The Roadturn Reboot – Fast Food Madness

You know what it’s like to wake up from a bad dream, then get out of bed with a bad attitude, right?

That’s my story today.

I pulled out of it — sort of — but never did get much traction. It’s Saturday, though, so I wasn’t expecting to go pedal to the metal today.

I enjoyed time with my sons in the afternoon. We hopped from fast-food joint to fast-food joint sampling their wares. I managed to keep the calorie count within reason (thanks to diet soda), but my dietary preference leans more towards carrots than french fries.

And I’m pretty sure diet pop isn’t a great idea, even though it doesn’t increase the calorie load.

Oh, well. My weekly weigh-in is tomorrow morning. I’ll check the numbers and regroup.


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Reboot Logbook Day #17

Mind – 3: From first thing in the morning till after lunch, I attended a Red Cross training on psychological first aid (PFA). It was well worth the time investment and will help me be a better communicator in everything I do.

Body – 1: Zero exercise today and not a whole lot of concern at all for my body (although I did forego pastry at the Red Cross class). No donuts kept me from a zero today.

Spirit – 1: I did The DEEP quickly this morning and didn’t go back to it the rest of the day.

Things certainly could have gone worse than they did, but I can’t claim a whole lot of effort on my own behalf today.

So what?

I’m not quitting.

So there.


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