The Roadturn Reboot – Work the Plan


It’s tough stuff to stay awake and aware.

It’s tough stuff to stay on track and carry out a plan.

The DEEP talks about the primary reason why that’s so.

Live and Learn. Every mistake carries a valuable lesson.Click To Tweet

What a Day!

First off this morning, I discovered the Excel sheet I’ve been tracking my weekly weigh-ins on was missing the past two weeks.

I searched everywhere. It’s gone.

Fortunately, I had notes elsewhere and was able to partially reconstruct.

Live and learn. I cleaned up my drive and deleted files that should’ve remained.

Reboot Logbook Day #5

Mind – 3: All work, no study today. However, I did attend a Red Cross Disaster Training workshop this evening. That counts.

Body – 3: I didn’t get a lot of movement in, but I did work in the garden and take a walk. The 3 rating is because I pushed myself to take the walk when I had a perfectly good excuse not to go. I needed to attend a teleseminar. Solution: walk while listening via cell phone with earbuds. Yes!

Spirit – 2: I did The DEEP first thing and put in a tiny bit of prayer time. No meditation. Maintenance mode. I’ve a feeling this is the factor that will open up more success in mind and body.

Knowing and doing are two different things. And THAT’s what Roadturn is all about: doing what we know we should do.

Let’s roll!


Info on the scoring system I’m using and what this is all about may be found here: DAY #1.

To get going with your own reboot, start by listening to this mp3 training: The DEEP.


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