Learning life’s lessons

Have you ever entered a period of time when it seemed as though just about everything you did or said was wrong?

A time when your energy is zapped, when your determination is tested, and you can’t open your mouth without someone being offended by what you say?

That’s been me, over the past few days. But today is the day it changes. I can feel it. The cloud is lifting and the Son is rising.

But the lessons, oh the lessons; they are gems. Here’s a few of them, pulled from my thoughts for the day on G+ ( by the way, if you still haven’t received a G+ invitation, let me know).

There is no need to rush, especially if there is a fire.

It turns out that “Why?” is a really good question–especially when posed to oneself. Ask. And ask again. The answer may surprise you.

Sometimes, just showing up and going through the motions is heroic. If you do what you know you should do–even when you don’t feel like doing it–sooner or later, the joy will return, the world will be right. . . and you will be glad you didn’t roll over when the going got tough. Don’t berate yourself; congratulate yourself. Be kind. Especially, to you.

Stay focused. Relaxed. The pilot will handle the turbulence.

And it all began with this–which could be what brought the whole thing on. The devil works through drama.

Personal target for the week: Find depth and the sweetness of companionship . . . in prayer.

Yours on the journey . . . Don

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