Who am I?

He was on a flight between New York and Los Angeles. It was an excellent opportunity for self-reflection. Taking a look at himself, and the patterns in his life, Morty Lefkoe decided he was the kind of guy who always got back up, no matter what. He was an overcomer of obstacles.

Nothing wrong with that, right? The answer may surprise you.

But, first, try the exercise yourself. Complete the sentence:

I am the type of person who . . .

Once you’ve done that, take it a step further and ask,

What is needed in my life for that self-image to be perpetuated? What does it take to maintain a person like me?

In Morty Lefkoe’s case, that little exercise prompted a life-changing realization: A person who is always getting back up first needs to be knocked down. A person who is always overcoming obstacles needs . . . plenty of obstacles.

What does your self-image require? And how are you participating in providing those life events?

Be honest with yourself. The information you gain may be the key to unlocking the chains that have held you back from your Dream.

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