How to Write and Build a Book for Kindle … FREE

[T]he more I use my Kindle Fire, the more I appreciate it.

Whether I’m camping, traveling or waiting at the mall for the girls to finish shopping–I’ve a library of books ready to read. The Kindle is a powerful tool, one that I am learning more about all the time.

But the Kindle is not only a fantastic device for the reader, it has opened up a whole new realm of possibility for writers too.

It was fairly easy to get started

I uploaded my Dream Into It: The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Freedom field guide to the Kindle library last year. And a few months ago, I published The Road Home: An Appalachian Native American Journey, a story based partly on legend and partly on what I know about my grandfather, BeeAn Webb.

I’m not proud of the covers or the formatting for my books, though. I want to do better. So I started trying to find out exactly how one can do a professional job of Kindle formatting. I soon discovered three primary paths to Kindle knowledge:

    1. Hire someone to do it for you
    2. Hire someone to teach you to do it
    3. Work through the instructions on your own

I’m too picky about my work to get someone else to format for me. It would cost thousands of dollars by the time we finished–and I’d drive the designer whacko with my perfectionist tendencies. Once I learn more about how to format Kindle myself, that option could work. But not now.

I spent a tidy sum of time and money attending webinars, buying books and paying for hyped up (mostly spun) information from internet marketers–and it helped me get going, but left me hungry for solid information and sometimes ticked off at what people will sell as “Everything you need” (when it was obviously thrown together in a hurry–with much more time put into marketing than into a quality product).

By the way, the best reasonably-priced help for Kindle I’ve found is the Kindle Full Disclosure information.

In the end, I decided to bull on ahead, figuring it out for myself. And that is when I came across this book–something not one of the experts told me about (and so valuable that it runs circles around them all).

If you’re a writer, wondering how to get started with Kindle, then start here. I get upset with Amazon every now and then. Sometimes it seems as if they’ve grown so big they’ve lost the human touch. But Amazon has proved me wrong about that on several occasions recently … and this is definitely one of those occasions.

Here it is: the best advice around for getting started on building your book on the Kindle platform. And it’s free (thank you, Amazon).

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