Freedom: Priceless.

Happy Independence Day, USA! May God continue to bless and keep you. May your number one export be Freedom. “Yankee go home,” says the sign…”and take me with you!”

This day is much more than the 4th of July; this day is a symbol of Freedom, Liberty and Self-rule. It is a day of release from bondage. It is a day when those who crave Freedom stand up against their oppressors and declare their dignity, their God-given right to choose their own way.

God bless you, America. You aren’t a perfect nation, but you stand for a perfect idea. You aren’t without fault, but you aim for justice and liberty. You aren’t the only nation on the planet, but you are the one who embraces every race and harbors humanity.

Let this be the year, politicians and people, when we take to heart the suggestion made by a wise man…Viktor Frankl…and balance the Statue of Liberty on the east coast, with a Statue of Responsibility on the west.

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