Everybody Needs a Roadturn Now and Then


You know the feeling.

You’re at a crossroads. A decision point. A Frost-like place where two roads diverge in the woods.

Which path to choose? You know you can’t travel both.

Your decision will likely make a profound difference in your life.

Should you marry that person? Take that job? Move to another state or country?

It’s tough stuff.

Roadturn Choices

Life has a way of presenting us with choices we can't avoid forever. We must choose.Click To Tweet

And there are times when we freeze with fear and put off making the decision at all.

That’s even tougher. The anxiety is intense.

Or maybe you don’t get to make the decision about what happens.

Maybe it’s a game-changing event you have no control over.

Your option is about how to react, what to do about the situation.

Now what?

Roadturns make a huge difference, though they aren't necessarily that big of a deal to others.Click To Tweet

A roadturn can simply be something someone said, something that had a profound influence on your thinking from that point forward.

My own first conscious experience with the phenomenon was seeing the video of Paul Potts at the Britain’s Got Talent contest in 2007. Paul’s courage in the face of fear, doubt, and social opposition helped me gain the courage to take my own chance and let go of the need for “absolute security.”

I’ve written about that experience several times on this blog. Here’s one of those posts: The Road Not Taken. And I love hearing from others about their own roadturn experiences.

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Since 2007, my path has been one of developing a career in marketing and copywriting. I help businesses (and I especially love small, entrepreneurial businesses) get better known, reach more customers, and sell more stuff.

I love the work, and I love seeing others grow their dreams.

But my own primary fascination centers on Roadturn: not the carrying out of the dream so much as how one comes to see, believe, and take action in the first place.

That’s exactly what a training program I created for a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) incubator is about. It takes would-be entrepreneurs from the “I have an idea” stage to the “I can do this” stage.

That program is the most powerful way I know of to deal with roadturn situations and stay on track.

Roadturn readers can get the audio version of The DEEP absolutely free. All I ask is that you respond with your feedback after each session in order to get access to the next.

The DEEP can absolutely change your life. Find out how by clicking here: GO DEEP!



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