How To Defeat the Voice That Says “You Can’t”

roadturn principlesDO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE life is running too fast for you to keep up? Do you sometimes wonder whether you will ever do those things you have dreamed about forever–or, worse yet, have you pretty well abandoned hope?

When we were young, it seemed that time was endless. Now, some of us are peeking at the hourglass, wondering how many grains of time remain for us–at least in this life–and how we can muster up the courage, strength and resources to make an impact on people and projects that are important to us.

Roadturn began as a commentary on life, and especially as a way of considering turnaround theory–how people can break through the circumstances that hold them back and take the leap into the life they had previously only dreamed of. Beginning with the Paul Potts story, in 2006, I wanted to know how major changes in the direction of one’s life occur–and what the individual can do to see a turnaround in his or her own life.

In the six years since, I have collected hundreds of stories, quotes and nuggets of wisdom that describe what I have come to call Roadturn Principles for Life. Some are about what to do, but the starting point is in the mind … what you think.

By the way, the Roadturn Principles didn’t come about through my own ingenuity. They are collected from writers and thinkers throughout the ages. My job has been to pick them up, turn them over, look at them closely … and report my findings.

Here’s a link to Dream Into It: The Roadmap to Freedom.

Roadturn Principle: The biggest battle you will ever fight is the one inside yourself.

Do you remember the Paul Potts story? He had to make a decision: would he turn in the application to Britain’t Got Talent, or would he give up and admit his dream of singing professionally would never come true? Paul depended on a coin toss to make his decision, but if he would have known about the LIVE method of dealing with the inner critic, there would have been no chance for him to turn back and keep working at a job that was killing his Dream.

Don’t let chance continue to control your destiny. You have a God-given ability to make wise decisions that are in line with the life you have always wanted to live, but may have begun to despair of ever attaining.

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