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how to clean the ocean gyres

Cleaning Up the Gyres in the Plastic Age

IF THE INCREDIBLE drive and tenacity of Ryan Page isn't enough to restore your hope in humanity, consider the beyond-his-years ambition of teenage inventor, Boyan Slat. Boyan says the oceans can be cleared of plastic waste in five years -- if we come together to fix the vast pollution problem WE created. And he has formed the Ocean Cleanup Foundation to get the work ... [Continue Reading]

Inspiration from Rion Page

The Rion Page Story: One Amazing Young Woman

The Roadturn Blog began as a response to one amazing young man: Mr. Paul Potts. Tonight, I'm feeling the same inspiration ... and getting the same tears in my eyes from one amazing young lady ... Ms. Rion Page. Thank you, Rion; I needed that. ... [Continue Reading]

Free writing

Spanish or C++ — Which Most Belongs in School?

DON'T GET ME wrong. I'm not a language snob. I know there are worlds to visit outside of my English-speaking homeland, and I'm impressed by those who can order a meal in French or interpret for a Spanish speaker at a diner in Idaho. I love the sound of the Romantic languages, and I'm fascinated by the guttural sounds of Arabic and Hebrew. If I had the money and time, I would love to ... [Continue Reading]

Earth from space photo

Comes a Time

WHEN I WAS a young man -- in my twenties, let's say -- I figured my generation would change the world. I hope every generation feels like that. Had you asked me what would be different in the 21st century, what current practices would be be changed when the boomer generation took over, I would have predicted things like this: We would have stopped the deforestation of the ... [Continue Reading]

Applachian poetry

From the Heart of Og Mandino

It's the 4th of July -- Independence Day in the USA -- and I can't think of a better message to hear, or a better person to present it. Og was on the streets, drunk, homeless, and near despair ... when a library and a new way of thinking changed his life. The same can happen for you and me. Miracles still happen, and you aren't whipped for good until YOU say so. ... [Continue Reading]

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